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What can you do in Audit & Assurance?

In Audit & Assurance, you’ll work closely with organisations across many sectors – and locations – throughout the world. You’ll visit major UK and overseas clients like banks and high-growth entrepreneurial firms, to help them identify risks – and then design the strategies required to resolve them. It’s your input that will enable these clients to build trust with their investors, and the general public. And it’s your expert assurance that will ensure they gain the resilience and agility required to face the future.

It’s not just our clients you’ll guide towards a bright future either. With opportunity to gain a detailed understanding of the many challenges a wide range of organisations face, you’ll swiftly develop a strong and well-rounded technical skillset that will enable you to progress your career. And as machine intelligence increasingly automates processes, expect more freedom to focus on clients, as well as how, when, and where you work.

With a creative and collaborative approach to problem solving, you’ll be well placed to reach deeper insights that can deliver real change to clients, the profession and your own career.


Career options

“I learned very quickly that people are happy to teach you everything you need to know on the job.”
Jodie, Audit
Our Audit team deliver high quality audits using the latest technology and agile processes. We bring high quality corporate reporting to UK and international organisations of all kinds, to enable them to assess risk, and make better informed decisions.

Discover how Audit fits within Deloitte
Our Assurance practice encompasses skills across regulation and finance with a deep analytics capability. We harness these to provide Assurance to those charged with governance, serving the public interest.

Discover how Assurance fits within Deloitte
Central Audit
These teams play an important role of supporting our audit business with Project Management and Delivery Centre activities to ensure we provide outstanding quality services to our client-facing colleagues. You’ll be hands on right from the beginning.

Discover how Central Audit fits within Deloitte
IT Specialists (IT Audit & Assurance)
Learn how business and IT work together and apply your expertise to assess risks and controls and provide high-quality, independent IT external audit and controls assurance services. In an era where organisations increasingly rely on rapidly evolving technology (like cloud-computing and robotic automation) to power their success, you’ll play a key role in ensuring they’re adequately responding to IT risk.

Discover how IT Specialists fits within Deloitte

Explore Audit & Assurance

“Every day is different, so new and exciting opportunities come up all the time.”
Grant, Assurance

Our continuing success means you’ll have the opportunity to work with the best businesses in every sector. From influential multinationals to innovative start-ups to the biggest household names in every area: financial services to manufacturing, real estate to pharmaceutical, media to energy.

An example of our work with a top global brewer. Part of the audit involves gaining an in-depth knowledge of processes, including product manufacture and verifying stock. Which means we’re learning, and seeing first hand, how their beer makes it to bars and restaurants throughout the world.

“That there are so many different approaches to perform an audit.”
Jing Bi

Embedding a culture of innovation, to improve how we serve our clients and train our people, is a priority here. We’re innovating in many different ways. As well as exploring big-ticket items, such as cognitive technologies, it’s vital for us to identify quick wins: those opportunities to improve basic processes via automation, gathering new ideas from our people ‘on the ground’. All of this means you’ll be empowered to innovate from day one; you can change how thousands of us work.

“I participated in an Impact Day at a local children’s home, to learn more about them and give back to the local community.”

You’ll have many opportunities to make an impact on wider society, as well as for your clients and your career. In Audit & Assurance, you’ll be actively encouraged to get involved in our charity work with DePaul UK, and with supporting schools in underprivileged areas. Through our Pro Bono Programme, you can also apply for funding for projects for a charity or social enterprise of your choice.

What do our people say?

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Audit Assistant Manager
“The people here seemed fun to work with, and there are regular social events and coffee clubs, as well as sports teams and wellbeing programmes."

Why did you choose to join Deloitte?

I joined Deloitte in September 2016 via the Entry Level Apprenticeship scheme as an 18-year-old school leaver. I was one of a cohort of 11 and I’m still in regular contact with most of my year group to this day. The apprenticeship appealed to me because it gave me the opportunity to work for a Big Four firm whilst studying towards a qualification at the same time. It also enabled me to adapt to working life which softened the transition between school and work. I was attracted to Deloitte because of the endless opportunities to work in different service lines and choose a career that suits you. The people here seemed fun to work with, and there are regular social events and coffee clubs, as well as sports teams and wellbeing programmes to get involved with. I was instantly made to feel welcome.

How have you grown and developed?

Six years since joining Deloitte, I am now an Assistant Manager in the Large and Complex business unit, which sits in the Audit & Assurance service line. I am also a chartered accountant at the age of 24! This was all possible through the BrightStart Apprenticeship scheme, a four-year scheme that combines on the job training with study. I now manage audits and act as the first point of contact for the client. I’m also a coach to the new joiners and I’m responsible for organising social events for the South-West public sector team. My goal is to keep on learning from my peers and hopefully progress through the ranks to senior management/director level.

Can you share some of your highlights since joining Deloitte?

I have represented Deloitte at career fairs which was nice because I remember how valuable I found it when I was in school. I have also been on several Q&A panels on Zoom for school leavers and graduates, to give them some inspiration about their future careers. In my spare time I am a big fan of sports, especially football and golf, and I represented the Cardiff office in the Deloitte Football World cup in Prague which was great fun. Lastly, I have been nominated by Kaplan for PQ apprentice of the year. Even if I don’t win it, it definitely feels good to be nominated!

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Amy Higgins
Audit and Assurance
“Deloitte Manchester has recently moved to a brand new office which is absolutely amazing. It has all the amenities that we need and goes above and beyond. Drinks are always on offer after work, as are things like pool and ping pong."

What attracted you to Deloitte?

I was immediately drawn to the potential for personal growth that you can gain from working in such a large organisation with so many opportunities. I also knew various people who already worked at Deloitte, who told me how friendly and welcoming the culture is here. Even the partners have taken the time to get to know all the new graduates, ensuring that everyone feels included and valued. Everyone who works here is willing to pitch in, help and answer questions.

How did you find the interview process and what advice do you have for others?

There were several stages of the application process, which included computerised tests, video recorded question tests and a final interview. For the computer tests, there’s plenty of websites online which can help you prepare and practice similar questions. My advice for the interview stage would be to be yourself, and to do some research on Deloitte beforehand. You don’t need to know the ins and outs of software and analytics, but you should show your enthusiasm for the company and working within a team.

How do you explain your job to friends and family?

In large companies there are huge data files containing vast transactions. When they are being audited by Deloitte they can be difficult to examine so my department runs analytics to check for things such as material transactions, so that we can support the audit team in creating their reports. My job involves using different software to run analytics, discovering problems, and working together to find solutions which I really enjoy.

How have you grown since joining Deloitte?

From a professional perspective, my development has been rapid. I’ve got to grips with new ways of working, learned new computing tools and worked towards a professional qualification. I’ve also developed an understanding of how firms like Deloitte are structured, how they develop and maintain their reputation, and how we should go about our work to support that.

What do you enjoy about where you work?

Deloitte Manchester has recently moved to a brand new office which is absolutely amazing. It has all the amenities that we need and goes above and beyond. Drinks (alcoholic and none-alcoholic) are always on offer after work, as are things like pool and ping pong. There is always something going on. Secondly, I cannot recommend Manchester enough as a city. There so many fantastic places to live, work, shop and most importantly spend your evenings and weekends. Historically the Manchester office has been more of a hub for Audit and Assurance work, however Deloitte is investing hugely in the North and with that, we are continuing to expand, including developing our analytics department and consulting practice further.

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Daniel Conlon
Pensions Audit Centre of Excellence, Belfast
“Everyone looks out for one another and there’s a real sense of community. I believe that I am a much more confident person. I’ve never felt the need to hide who I am, and no one has ever judged me for it."

What made you choose Deloitte?

When I was studying for my Foundation Degree in Accounting my tutors shared their experiences of working with the Big 4 firms and with smaller firms. From these discussions, the idea of working for one of the Big 4 sounded so interesting and definitely the right thing for me – working on a variety of projects with lots of different people with diverse backgrounds seemed amazing. When I found out about the apprenticeship programme it felt like an opportunity I couldn’t miss. After a year I decided I wanted to leave to complete my degree in Accounting. This took two years. In my final year at university, I applied for a graduate role in the same department I’d left. After the experience I’d had here as an apprentice I knew it was what I wanted to do.

Do you have any advice for anyone applying?

The main piece of advice I would give to any graduates applying is to just be yourself. Deloitte is not just looking for people with technical abilities (especially when you’re joining as a grad or apprentice) but for people who will mesh well with the rest of the team.

Did you have any preconceptions about working here? How’s that been in reality?

I think the main misconception I had before I joined was around culture. Starting out in my career I was worried that I wouldn’t feel ‘seen’, that I would just be a member of staff, another number left to just do my work. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Deloitte, and my team especially, have been such a welcoming place. Everyone looks out for one another and there’s a real sense of community.

You work in the Pensions Audit Centre of Excellence (PACE) in Belfast, can you tell us a bit about that?

I’ve lived in Belfast my entire life and I could not imagine working anywhere else; it’s a vibrant, fast-paced city that’s become a business hub in the UK. Belfast has such a diverse culture and I think it’s reflected well in the way we work here in Deloitte.

When I explain what PACE is all about to someone who doesn’t work here I generally say that we are like fact-checkers. We spend time analysing and inspecting the information in a pension scheme’s accounts and comparing it to supporting data to ensure that what they present is true. We audit ten of the 25 largest pension schemes in the UK, a relatively recent achievement that we are very proud of.

For me, the best thing about PACE is the focus on the people within it. Achievements within the team are celebrated and everyone gets the recognition they deserve.

Do you feel you can truly be yourself at work?

I do. I believe that Deloitte fosters an inclusive environment. As a gay man, I am a member of GLOBE, the firm’s LGBTQ+ network, and while I am not always an active participant, I know that it is there to support me if I need it. Within my own department, I’ve never felt the need to hide who I am, and no one has ever judged me for it. My sexuality has never been a factor in how I work or what I have to contribute.

What are the development opportunities like? And progression?

Through working for Deloitte, I’ve been able to work towards becoming a chartered accountant. I’ve been given the opportunity to go to classes, take study leave and sit exams. Now, I am only one year away from being exam qualified and that is because of the support of my colleagues.

In a more personal sense, I believe that I am a much more confident person. By meeting and speaking with so many different people I feel like I’ve been able to branch out more and make my voice heard.

I’m about to progress to an assistant manager role. I believe that I’ve been able to do this because of the team I work with. Everyone is accommodating of any questions or queries I’ve had. With this help, I’ve been able to further my technical abilities, organization skills, communication and even leadership by acting as a buddy to one of the Assistant Associates that joined the firm this year.

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Ellie Antinoro
Assistant Manager, Portfolio, Reading
“I immediately felt valued. I love my job as no two days are the same. Every day is a learning opportunity here, and the support is amazing"

What made you choose an Apprenticeship at Deloitte?

Once I established University wasn’t the route I wanted to take, I began researching the various apprenticeships available. I was initially drawn to Deloitte because of its strong reputation as a professional services firm, and after speaking to some current apprentices it was clear that the opportunities at Deloitte would be endless – so it was a very easy decision to apply.

I was also really attracted to the BrightStart scheme because it provided the opportunity to continue with my education (without the university debt), studying towards the Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA) qualification whilst gaining invaluable on the job experience. It seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Any advice for people applying?

My main advice for applicants would be to just be yourself, be confident and ensure you portray your personality and hard-working attitude. Secondly, make sure you research the firm, the role, and Deloitte’s values. That way you can ask relevant questions, demonstrate how you would fulfil the Deloitte values, and really engage with your interviewer. First impressions go a long way.

Did you have any preconceptions about working here? And how has that been in reality?

What has surprised me most is the exposure you receive from the outset, getting involved with clients straight away following the induction training. I immediately felt valued.

Another surprise was the level of interaction and support provided by all team members, regardless of their seniority. I thought that being a junior in such a large firm would mean I had limited exposure to senior staff. In reality that has not been the case at all. I gained exposure from the outset, and have learnt so much from senior colleagues. This has allowed me to learn key leadership skills that I’ve now taken forward into my role as Assistant Manager.

What do you love about your job? And what have you found challenging?

I love my job as no two days are the same. Also, there are often several issues which need to be overcome during the course of an audit and I find it extremely rewarding identifying and establishing how these issues can be resolved appropriately.

The biggest challenge for me has been balancing work and study commitments. But the firm has been fully supportive by providing dedicated college days and exam study leave. I’ve also found that my coach and team leaders are extremely understanding and supportive, particularly when exams are approaching - exams are made a priority during your apprenticeship.

How have you grown since joining Deloitte?

Since joining back in 2017 I have grown significantly both personally and professionally. I’ve had the opportunity to develop my technical skills by progressing through the ACA qualification, and through on-the-job learning and various training courses I’ve learnt how to develop and build effective business relationships. I’ve also grown more confident in my own abilities and in shaping my own career path.

Every day is a learning opportunity here, and the support is amazing - in audit you work with several different teams throughout the year, all of whom are have been extremely talented and committed to helping me develop in my role and career. The career path here is clear, and allows for fast progression, and you have the ability to shape your growth by commitment and working hard.

Do you feel you can be yourself at work?

From my experience to date, Deloitte has been a place that actively seeks to promote an inclusive environment. For me personally, this has been clear when undertaking team trainings and briefings, as you are encouraged to be yourself. If you have a commitment outside of work, my managers have always been flexible allowing me to make up the hours if I need to finish early, it is all about having effective communication with your managers. They place trust in you, as to whether you need to be working from the office, home or client site. Agile working is very much the norm here.

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Libby Stevens
Portfolio Audit, Southampton
“I felt that being able to work at the same time as gaining a prestigious qualification was an amazing opportunity. I was very pleasantly surprised by how welcoming everyone was - it felt more like a community than a corporate environment. My confidence has grown massively, both inside and outside of work."

So, why Deloitte?

I’d decided to go straight into work from college and joined Deloitte as a BrightStart Apprentice. I felt that being able to work at the same time as gaining a prestigious qualification (such as the Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA) qualification) was an amazing opportunity. I was also interested in the breadth of opportunities I’d have - such as working with a variety of clients as part of an established company.

Did any surprise you about working here when you first joined?

I was very pleasantly surprised by how welcoming everyone was - it felt more like a community than a corporate environment. There is also an extensive range of volunteering opportunities, with each office having a different charity to support. I was really impressed by that. I was also surprised by the resources that can be accessed, both technical and personal, such as the Deloitte Technical Library and the availability of senior management as Mental Health Champions.

Any tips for people applying?

In my experience, I have found that Deloitte is looking for critical thinkers, people that think outside the box. So the advice I would give to applicants is to put yourself out there and always ask questions. Interviews can be nerve-wracking, but it’s important to be as confident as you can be, and to show your personality in the best way you can.

What do you love about your role in Portfolio Audit?

What I love most is the client interaction. I’m able to work on several clients at one time which allows me to build strong relationships. It also helps me learn how different businesses operate as no client is the same.

I always feel challenged in the work I perform which means I progress at a good pace. The level of involvement in the audit process, even at a junior level, is significant. For example, I’ve led meetings with the client’s senior management team and have taken an active role in concluding the audit by organising close out meetings. Because I have a diverse portfolio of audit clients, I have opportunities to travel to places I have never been (although not so much at the moment) which I really enjoy.

Can you give us an example of a project you’ve worked on?

I have worked on a number of innovative projects throughout my time at Deloitte. One client in particular is leading the way in the prosthetics industry, manufacturing a range of unprecedented products, with an emphasis on innovation at the heart of what they do. It was fascinating!

How have you grown since joining?

My confidence has grown massively, both inside and outside of work. I’ve enhanced my technical knowledge by gaining exposure to different business types and completing exams, which has in turn allowed my confidence to grow.

I’ve been given responsibility from a junior level which has helped me mature and have increased initiative. My interpersonal skills have grown extensively as a result of client exposure, and this has helped me become more articulate. I’m always learning from others - whether this is within the audit team, or through informal discussions with colleagues.

How does Deloitte support your wellbeing at work?

There’s a great range of wellbeing resources available including wellbeing seminars, one-to-one chats with your office’s ‘Wellbeing Champions’ as well as access to free counselling sessions. We’ve also all been given free membership to various mental wellbeing apps.

I always feel supported by team members and feel that I can speak to them about my wellbeing. There’s a real emphasis on it here so I’m always encouraged to speak up if I’m struggling. Having access to a Coach and Buddy has also played an instrumental part in my wellbeing at work – they are so friendly and approachable.

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