How can you do more with less?

Can you get better quality out when you put less time in? How can artificial intelligence make us more naturally creative? Can standardisation inspire individuality? We’re reinventing the future of audit and assurance; are you ready to make change happen?

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What can you do in Audit & Assurance?

The value of Audit & Assurance begins with underpinning the accuracy of a company’s financial information, which shareholders use to make vital decisions. You’ll travel to various client sites to get a detailed understanding of their business, identify key risks and design strategies to mitigate them. Each industry is faced with a different set of risks, so working on multiple engagements, your learning curve will be very steep. But auditing financial statements is just the start.
We’re transforming the way we work, to do more for our clients and our people. Using intelligent machines to automate and standardise processes, so you’re freer to think creatively and solve problems. Spending more time with clients, to offer deeper insights. Creating flexibility in career paths, and more agile working. Giving you real responsibility, earlier in your career. In an industry known for looking back, we’re looking beyond. Come lead the change.

Career options

“I learned very quickly that people are happy to teach you everything you need to know on the job.”
Jodie Fowler
Our assurance teams bring expertise in everything from complex accounting and financial modelling to treasury controls and markets assurance. We use this expertise to provide finance leaders with assurance on their accounting, regulatory and transaction needs.

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Delivery Centres
Both centres in Cardiff and Newcastle provide support to our client-facing employees, and their need to provide outstanding quality services. You’ll be hands on right from the beginning.

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Deloitte Private
A role that goes beyond auditing; you’ll work directly with company owners improving all aspects of their business.

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Financial Services
Provide quality audit, assurance and innovation exclusively for the insurance industry.

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Public Audit
Work with major, publicly owned businesses across the world, on everything from audit to post merger assurance.

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Public Sector Audit
Make meaningful, long-term impacts on public services, from NHS to local government, solving their business-critical issues.

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Audit & Assurance is...

“Every day is different, so new and exciting opportunities come up all the time.”
Grant Douglas

Our continuing success means you’ll have the opportunity to work with the best businesses in every sector. From influential multinationals to innovative start-ups to the biggest household names in every area: financial services to manufacturing, real estate to pharmaceutical, media to energy.

Last year Deloitte was appointed auditor of a top global brewer. Part of the audit involves gaining an in depth knowledge of processes, including product manufacture and verifying stock. Which means we’re learning, and seeing first hand, how their beer makes it to bars and restaurants throughout the world.

“That there are so many different approaches to perform an audit.”
Jing Bi

Embedding a culture of innovation, to improve how we serve our clients and train our people, is a priority here. We’re innovating in many different ways. As well as exploring big-ticket items, such as cognitive technologies, it’s vital for us to identify quick wins: those opportunities to improve basic processes via automation, gathering new ideas from our people ‘on the ground’. All of this means you’ll be empowered to innovate from day one; you can change how thousands of us work.

“I participated in an Impact Day at a local children’s home, to learn more about them and give back to the local community.”
Anastasia Hall

You’ll have many opportunities to make an impact for wider society, as well as for your clients and your career. In Audit & Assurance, you’ll be actively encouraged to get involved in our charity work with DePaul UK, and with supporting schools in under privileged areas. Through our Pro Bono Programme, you can also apply for funding for projects for a charity or social enterprise of your choice.

What do our people say?

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“The best thing is that every day is different and I get to meet so many new people, which makes it interesting.”

As a newbie, do you get much help or do you just get on with it?

I always feel supported with my work and I have never felt like there wasn’t anyone there helping me. Our managers know what it’s like to be new and unsure about the work, so they want to support you and help you learn as much as they can.

Everyone is always more than happy to answer my questions; in fact they encourage me to ask. I definitely feel like I can always ask anything, whenever I need to and however often I need to.

We have lots of catch ups throughout the day, to ensure I’m getting on okay with the work. These are usually via a Skype call or a quick chat. When work is assigned, the manager will sit down and explain what they need me to do in detail; this is a good time to ask even more questions!

Best and worst things about working in Audit & Assurance?

The most exciting job for me was when I worked with an aviation client in Cheltenham. They gave us a factory tour while we were there and it was really interesting to learn about the business.

This is something I would never have done if I didn’t work at Deloitte. You’ll love it here if you enjoy meeting new people, learning new things and have a business-curious mind.

Busy season is usually considered the worst part of audit. I didn’t actually know what that was! But I have endured my first busy season and you’ll be glad to know it wasn’t too bad.

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Private Markets
“What I do may seem trivial, but it’s actually one part of a very big and important opinion that will be relied upon by many, many people.”

What advice would you give a student considering audit?

I am a big advocate of the placement year, summer vacation and other schemes. Audit isn’t for everyone, and I think it’s invaluable to get that taster before you start. Plus the onboarding process seems easier. In the case of the placement year, I just had to do the final interview to get onto the graduate programme.

Going into my final year of university already with a graduate job was the best feeling. I could focus on my studies and enjoying my last year, while everyone around me had the added pressure of finding and applying for jobs.

What new skills have you picked up so far? Or improved on?

I have developed my confidence and ability to talk to people. This is something I’ve been able to use in my daily life, as well as at work.

How do you find the work-life balance?

Occasionally, I work from home. I find that managers are happy to let you work in an agile way. I’m a morning person, so would prefer to start earlier rather than stay later. If you communicate this to managers, they’re willing to accommodate your style of working.

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