Bringing our people together.

Our people are at the heart of Deloitte. United by shared values, each of us brings our own ideas, skills and perspectives to make impactful changes for our colleagues, clients and society.

Bringing our people together.

Meet our People

A career at Deloitte offers a diverse range of opportunities to make an impact on the things that matter most to you.

Hear from some of our people as they share their stories.

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Inclusion at Deloitte

We are committed to identifying and removing barriers to inclusion. It’s embedded across our core policies, processes, and leadership representation goals, to ensure that all our people understand their role in fostering an inclusive environment and feel safe to speak up.

We want everyone to feel able to be their true authentic selves and reach their full potential, because when you feel like you belong, you’re better able to thrive. The responsibility for building a culture of inclusion sits with every one of us.

Read more in our Pay & Inclusion Report 2022.

"We’re committed to ensuring our firm is inclusive, where individual differences are respected and valued. An inclusive culture means encouraging true diversity of thought and creating an environment that allows everyone to play to their strengths."
Richard Houston Senior Partner and CEO, Deloitte UK and Deloitte North and South Europe

Deloitte’s Diversity Networks

Our Diversity Networks connect people who share characteristics such as gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, neurodiversity and parenting / caring responsibilities, creating a welcoming, inclusive environment – one where creativity and diversity thrive.

Our 7,000 member networks play a vital role in fostering a culture of inclusion, and an environment where we all feel safe and look out for one another, providing a sense of belonging as well as enabling us to develop important links with clients.

Our growing communities of allies as part of our networks help champion advocacy at the firm, tackling bias and unacceptable behaviour, and speaking up to effect change. In addition to our networks, we have an ever-expanding multitude of communities, sports clubs and societies. They all help make Deloitte a better place to be.


We are committed to offering an environment which supports both the mental and physical wellbeing of our people.

We have an employee network, ‘Thrive@Deloitte’, who are dedicated to supporting each individual and their wellbeing within the workplace, and beyond. We also have a network of professionally trained mental health champions at Partner level, who employees can approach confidentially, outside of line management structures, if they have a mental health problem or concern.

Our champions are also available to give advice to managers about facilitating conversations with team members who they suspect are experiencing mental ill health.

In addition to our mental health support, we also offer physical support with access to state of the art on campus gym facilities in our London and Reading offices, as well as subsidised access to gyms across the country.

We also host a programme of wellbeing events and activities, in addition to those which are captured as part of our core learning curriculum. Discover more about our agile ways of working we offer to support you.

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Three wellbeing basics

We've identified and shared with our people to support each other:

Being focused on personal wellbeing includes taking care of your mental and emotional health.

Prioritise what really matters.

You can support your colleagues and team mates by asking three simple but important words - “Are you okay?”, and making time to hear what they say properly.

Sometimes it can be hard for you to spot the signs that you might be struggling and having a supportive colleague to listen to you can make all the difference.

Physical wellbeing – including fuelling our bodies with the right foods, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly – can be difficult. But it’s essential for energy and focus.

Activity: an energised body is vital to your sense of wellbeing and can make positive differences to your physical health.

Sleep: Sleep and health are closely related. Poor sleep can increase the risk of having poor health and poor health can make it harder to sleep.

Diet: The right foods can help you perform better and keep your mind clear and sharp through the day.

Understanding the “why“ behind what we do and connecting it to the bigger picture is important. Our purpose is our motivation for doing what we do; finding meaningful work and the opportunity to make a personal impact.

By identifying things that matter to us and connecting to them as much as possible in what we do, we lift our mood, energy and productivity.

We encourage and enable meaningful connection so that you can prioritise time and reflection to identify the things that matter, and create opportunities to pursue them. Feeling connected to people around you can help your overall wellbeing.

Our partnerships

We believe that working with other organisations only makes us stronger. Find out who we partner with below.

  • Business in the Community – Gender and Race campaigns
  • Business Disability Forum
  • City Mental Health Alliance
  • My Family Care
  • Blueprint For All
  • INvolve
  • Timewise

Supporting your recruitment experience

At Deloitte we want everyone to have the chance to succeed. We recognise that some people might need additional support during the recruitment process and we work hard to ensure everyone’s individual needs are accommodated.

That’s why we want to remove any possible barriers for people applying to join us and offer a wide range of reasonable adjustments, to help people realise their potential. As well as support during the recruitment processes- such as extra time and alternative interview formats- we have fully accessible offices, software to support people with neurodiversity or physical disabilities, and flexible, hybrid working arrangements, to ensure everyone can work in a way that suits them.

Our recruiters will work with you to learn more about your support needs and identify reasonable adjustments that will help you to be at your best and have a more personalised experience. We won’t require you to provide proof to support your request; we trust you. If you require support or adjustments during the application or assessment process, please reach out to our team to help you.

supporting your recruitment experience

Working well: the future of hybrid life

Listen to our Green Room Podcast episode focused on “How do we create work that’s good for our wellbeing?” Experts from Deloitte and Headspace, the meditation and mindfulness app, discuss the challenges and opportunities of hybrid working and the importance of placing wellbeing at the heart of working life.

Hosts George and Ethan are joined in The Green Room by Jackie Henry, UK Managing Partner for People and Purpose at Deloitte and Jolawn Victor, Chief International Officer at Headspace. During the episode they discuss:

  • What’s working life like right now for people? What’s working well, and what are others struggling with?
  • The impact of the pandemic on mental health and work?
  • Can we create work that’s actually good for our wellbeing?
  • What are the big things employers need to think about?
  • Could we really have the best of both worlds?
Our values and purpose

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Building your future

From technology to consulting, audit, communications and much more, there’s a business area here to suit everyone’s skills and experience.

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Define your future

From returning to work to alumni and more, we have a variety of programmes and networks you can join at different stages of your career.

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Showing who we are

Whatever your background or experience, we want you to be part of our shared purpose as we work collaboratively towards positive change.

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Bringing our people together.

United by our shared values, each of us at Deloitte brings our own ideas, skills and perspectives to make an impact that matters for our colleagues, clients and society.

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Supporting our people to thrive 

Life is about more than work. We believe it's important for everyone to balance their career with other priorities like family, friends, travel and hobbies.

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Grow your own way

Whether you join with years of experience or you’ve just finished school, you’ll have the opportunity to grow your own way at Deloitte- both personally and professionally.

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Recognising your success

We make sure you are fairly rewarded for your hard work, both financially and through our range of tailored benefits.

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Discover your potential

From work experience to apprenticeships, graduate roles and more, our early careers programmes will help you to build the career you want.

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