Deloitte introduces TrueVoice on Amazon Web Services Quick Start

TrueVoice, a cloud-based voice analytics platform on AWS, helps contact centers improve operational performance, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce costs.

Deloitte TrueVoice is now available as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Quick Start. TrueVoice is an AI-driven, voice analytics solution that analyses behaviour and emotion on every call, helping you quickly understand how customers feel. It monitors all customer interactions to highlight risks as well as opportunities for improving outcomes and reducing agent churn.

Built on AWS infrastructure, TrueVoice analyses calls for language and behaviors: “what is said” and “how it is said.” It is unique in the market, harnessing the power of machine learning to predict outcomes, such as potential complaints and churn, rather than relying on traditional key-word spotting alone.

TrueVoice provides deep analytics and insight, which can be tailored to your specific requirements, linking outcomes to a customer journey rather than isolated interactions, providing outlier detection, and enabling appropriate action on higher-risk segments or interactions.

The solution can help you understand call intent to uncover the real drivers across your customer interactions, and identify those customers showing signs of dissatisfaction to enable proactive intervention. TrueVoice can also benchmark agents by automating quality, taking into account compliance requirements, and the emotional content of calls to enable fairer comparison and identify agents at risk of churn.

TrueVoice is designed for companies with contact center operations across multiple industries, from consumer goods to telecommunication, to power & utilities. It has already made an impact in the financial services industry, where it was used to automate a Quality Assurance process, creating a 70% efficiency for the client, and for a hotels & leisure client, TrueVoice was able to quantify the effect of different sales strategies on conversion rates. Moreover, these results showed improvement over time, through our machine learning monitoring and feedback loop.

To find out more about TrueVoice, visit our website here or start your TrueVoice Quick Start journey here.

TrueVoice is available as an AWS Quick Starts deployment, an automated deployment platform for use on AWS Cloud. The engagement with AWS builds on an existing AWS Deloitte Alliance formed in 2016 that is focused on helping our clients transform their businesses through the use of AWS cloud technology. Deloitte is a Premier Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN) and is a launch APN Partner for AWS Machine Learning.

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