The challenge

When you’re running a call centre, every customer call matters – but without face to face interaction it’s easy to miss half the conversation.

That’s why we developed TrueVoice – to give you the full picture.

By analysing behaviour and emotion on every call, it helps you to quickly understand how your customer is feeling. And because it monitors all your customer interactions it can quickly highlight areas of risk as well as opportunities to improve your outcomes. All powered by our BEAT technology.

When you want to do the right thing for every customer, TrueVoice helps you make the right call.


Reduce risk

Monitor your customer interactions to enhance regulatory compliance and reduce risk, ensuring you protect your most vulnerable customers.

Transform your customer experience

Empower your call agents to deliver an enhanced customer experience by helping them to better understand your customers.

Deliver efficiencies

Optimise key call centre processes to lower operational costs.

Improve customer satisfaction

Benchmark all interactions to promote consistent outcomes for all customers.


TrueVoice is a scalable Artificial Intelligence platform delivering:

Machine learning feedback loop

Behavioural & sentiment analysis

Outcome based models

Speech transcription

How it works

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Analyse all your customer interactions to help you make the right call.

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