Simran Mohnani

Rising Star
Simran Mohnani

Simran Mohnani is an Industry4.0 Consultant at Deloitte, designing Factories of the Future through smart manufacturing and digital supply chains. She has been able to achieve rapid and significant business transformation through her ability to bring people together across different organisational levels from factory operators to C-suite executives.

As the pandemic hit, Simran was assigned as the Global Training Lead in charge of upskilling 400+ operators across a biotech manufacturer in digitising COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing. She now works as the programme’s youngest Project Manager, rolling out this digital system to a new factory on site.

Simran is passionate about reshaping perceptions of engineering to champion diversity. At Deloitte, she chairs Codename MAXINE: a D&I network advocating female and other under-represented talent in Technology. Since graduating in Chemical Engineering two and a half years ago, Simran has established herself as a prominent voice for diverse leadership and has spoken at 20+ events including Deloitte’s Consulting-wide Christmas People & Purpose panel alongside the UK Consulting Lead to 1000+ people. In March, she was invited to speak as the only junior panellist at the Lord Mayor’s Appeal She Can Be 2022 event.

She has been recognised as one of the UK’s TechWomen100 leaders, INvolve EMpower’s Top 100 Future Leaders and the JCI Malta Top 10 under 40 Awards for her leadership potential in industry and championing STEM. Simran is consistently described by her seniors as an inspiration, a future digital leader and a community role model, bringing fresh perspectives to the world of technology.

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