Deloitte Pensions Master Plan

Your pension scheme: Better funded

Lower costs mean a better funded scheme for members, trustees and employers.

The Deloitte Pensions Master Plan is a master trust for defined benefit pension schemes.

Our unique structure means you can reduce costs without trustees and employers losing control.

The key benefits

The six videos below explain the key benefits of the Master Plan.

Award-winning innovation

Deloitte’s award-winning Master Plan proposition reduces the costs of defined benefit pension schemes.

Reduced running costs

The Master Plan enables each section to benefit from economies available from the overall scale of the master trust.

Retaining control

On transfer into the Master Plan the trustee board can stay in place and there are no changes to the key elements of the existing scheme, including trustees’ powers, member benefits, the employer’s responsibilities and the scheme’s investments.

Employer covenant unchanged

The link between the pension scheme and the sponsoring employer remains unchanged following transition to the Deloitte Pensions Master Plan. This means that the scheme benefits from improved governance and lower running costs, while maintaining the benefit of the employer covenant.

Improved governance

An independent trustee runs the Deloitte Pensions Master Plan, providing an extra layer of oversight on the running of the scheme.

High quality services

Deloitte provides high quality scheme actuarial and pensions administration services to the Master Plan’s sections. Each section has its own scheme actuary and a named administration contact providing a personalised service.

How Master Plan works

Watch the below video to see a more detailed explanation of the Master Plan, prepared for Pension Reinvention*.

Case Study – the BT Hybrid Scheme

BT Hybrid Scheme – a pension scheme operated by BT Plc for which Deloitte is the primary adviser and service operator – won the Pension Scheme Innovation Award at the prestigious Pensions Age Awards 2021.

This award win reflects the high-quality and innovative work that our team has undertaken as trusted partner of BT. Based on the Deloitte Pensions Master Plan, the specialist Deloitte team designed and implemented a bespoke technology-led solution for BT under a challenging timeline. The innovation inherent in the scheme’s design, and in particular the focus on a tech-enabled pensions solution to enhance the member experience, is now delivering strong outcomes for members.

Further details on our work with the BT Hybrid Scheme can be found here.

To find out more

For more information please contact the Deloitte Pensions Master Plan team.

*Pension Reinvention is the result of a unique partnership between PLSA and ITN Productions – further information on the programme can be found on the following PLSA webpage.

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Mark McClintock

Mark McClintock


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