Deloitte Christmas Survey 2019

With Black Friday and the rest of the holiday season nearly upon us, how are retailers expected to fare during the 2019 golden quarter? For our 22nd edition of the Deloitte Christmas Survey, we gathered the views of 7,190 individuals across eight European countries to gain insight into consumer behaviour during the upcoming quarter. Read on to see our analysis of UK shoppers this holiday season.

UK consumers are forecasted to spend £567 this holiday season

Shoppers in the UK are expect to spend nearly 39% more on average compared to shoppers in the rest of Europe. Spending on travel has increased by almost 22% year on year, whilst spending on socialising is expected to fall by over 7% compared to last year.

What will be the best-selling gifts this Christmas?

Chocolates will be the most purchased gift this year by UK consumers. Books, cosmetics/perfumes, food/drink, and money complete the list of top 5 bestsellers for adults this season. Books will be the favourite gift option for kids once again this year, but dolls and plush toys are quickly climbing the list. For teenagers, money reigns at the top of the list, yet sportswear is becoming the fastest-growing category for teens.

A close tie between online and offline purchases

Online shopping is expected to rise an additional 4% this year, representing 44% of UK total spend this holiday season. Despite this, in-store purchases still take the lead, as the possibility of exchanging and returning products remains the main reason consumers make purchases in physical stores. On the flip-side, 83% of consumers indicate that having access to reviews and opinions from others is the main advantage when buying online.

It’s never too soon to start shopping

November remains the key month for Christmas purchases in the UK, with the majority of shoppers (34%) making their purchases during this time. Black Friday will be busier than ever, with 10% of consumers making more than half of their Christmas purchases on this day, up 2% from the previous year.

Christmas Survey 2019

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