Travel Weekly Insight Annual Report 2016

Analysis of the UK travel market

Travel businesses face a range of challenges in 2017. But there are opportunities as well as obstacles for those able to grasp them.

We are proud once again to partner with Travel Weekly to produce the Travel Weekly Insight Annual Report 2016, in which we provide our perspectives and views of the UK travel market within the context of the global economic and political landscape.


This year’s report predicts an interesting year for the travel industry in 2017. Brexit is likely to bring changes to the travel sector over time, however it remains unclear for now, and perhaps throughout most of 2017 once Article 50 is triggered and negotiations get underway, as to what these changes are likely to be. A number of industry-specific issues that have been affecting travel businesses for a while – from terrorism to technology – will continue to develop.

Despite the uncertainties, findings show that 2016 saw a record number of passengers departing the UK for holidays. Travel bookings for the second half of 2016 remained steady following the Brexit vote and early bookings for 2017 confound the post-referendum pessimism and are similar to the demand seen in 2015-16.

Key themes

  • The impact of Brexit: From potential changes in regulation to the impact on trading, the report explores the likely consequences of Brexit for the travel industry
  • Economic trends: What the UK travel industry should expect in 2017 as global macroeconomic trends develop
  • Geopolitical instability: The impact of worldwide terror attacks on individual markets
  • Domestic travel: How domestic UK tourism is faring in a post-Brexit world
  • Technology: Big data and digital technologies are continuing to have an impact on the industry
The full report is available here.
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