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The aviation industry is forecast to achieve unparalleled growth, resulting in capacity constraints in airspace, runways and airport terminals. How can the industry focus on working smarter, not harder?

Global industry challenges

With the increase in passenger figures already causing strain on the industry and IATA predicting 7.2Bn passengers in 2035, almost double 2016’s figure of 3.8Bn passengers, the pressure is only expected to get worse. To put it into context, capacity and infrastructure constraints due to industry growth mean that 1.9 million flights will be unaccounted for in 2035. Other challenges include:

  • Reducing the dependency on fossil fuels;
  • Legacy Systems & approach to technology;
  • Keeping up with the digital traveller – technology investment will be considerable;
  • Outdated commercial models;
  • Driving increases in Non-Aviation revenue streams.

What’s the current situation?

The technology landscape in Aviation is typically split between two distinct camps:

  • Large scale legacy vendors with broad product portfolios which are positioned as end-to-end solutions, regardless of component strengths and weaknesses;
  • Niche product providers with point solutions that require piecing together as part of wider technology eco-systems.

Our vision

The aviation industry needs a way of bridging the gap between these conflicting offerings. This is where Deloitte fits in. As a trusted adviser to the aviation industry we act as an independent systems architect, pulling together the best systems regardless of their IP ownership. We leverage our expertise in complex systems integration to deliver a complete end-to-end solution on time and within budget via our trusted programme governance model. Our track record of delivering means that we have the confidence to offer innovative commercial models based on clear business value to our clients.

Our experience

Deloitte’s Aviation Technology team has over 60 years’ experience in the aviation sector; with industry knowledge across the sector, the team leverage deep domain expertise across airports, airlines and air-navigation service providers (ANSPs).

From independent technology advocacy through to full IT-enabled business transformation, we work collaboratively with our aviation partners to ensure that their technology investments deliver tangible benefits to their business, including new revenue sources, cost reductions and capacity enhancements.

Our Aviation Technology team has the skills, insight and experience to help aviation organisations achieve better business outcomes through technology. Our specific capabilities include:

McLaren Applied Technologies

ATM and Airport Advanced Simulation and Predictive Analytics
Deloitte and McLaren Applied Technologies collaborate to build data-driven business products. Poor visibility of On Time Performance and Delay Management has a detrimental effect across both airports and airspace. Lack of information results in a reactionary approach to problems rather than an optimised proactive approach.

Our solution

  • Improved and advanced planning capabilities to expedite decision making during periods of continued growth and capacity constraints.
  • Maximising physical & human assets by utilising real time data on arrival & departure times to reduce operational bottlenecks and improve overall turnaround performance.

Find out more about the collaboration between McLaren Applied Technologies & Deloitte.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Predictive analytics
IoT represents a largely untapped market in Aviation. Airports in particular have access to huge volumes of sensor data including WIFI, passenger tracking, car parking, retail and boarding pass scanning. Currently this data is under-utilised due to historical difficulties in consolidating and analysing.

Our solution

  • Improved understanding of potential maintenance issues with core operational assets i.e. Baggage carousels.
  • Reduction in manpower: utilising technology to monitor noise on the apron and thus enabling airports to focus on the safe running of the airfield.

Systems Integration

Trusted supplier
The high-level technical architecture of most aviation organisations is usually a “spaghetti mess” of legacy systems and point-to-point integration, compounded by uncooperative vendors inexperienced in holistic integration.

Deloitte provides the industry specific knowledge to large transformation projects to ensure optimum value to the client.

Our solution

  • Flexible, service-based model
  • Bringing the aviation sector up to date with technology
  • Simplified architecture
  • Future proofing core systems

Our technology insight

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Andy Gauld

Andy Gauld

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Martin Bowman

Director - Aviation Technology

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