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The Deloitte US-UK and Europe M&A Deal Monitor H1 2019


Welcome to the eighth edition of the Deloitte US-UK and Europe M&A Deal Monitor, which follows transatlantic M&A activity between the US and Europe as a whole.

In this edition we continue to track the trends in transatlantic deal activity with a focus on the Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) sector. This sector continues to be a significant driver of deal activity, particularly in the transatlantic deal corridor.

Global M&A activity has followed the trend set in 2018, with a continued decline in the first half of 2019, however, pricing has remained strong.

Technology continues to drive US-UK M&A activity, accounting for over a quarter of the deals so far in 2019. Investment in US technology remains a key driver of cross border activity.

US-UK corridor activity continues to be the powerhouse of transatlantic dealmaking, with more deals between the US and UK than between the US and Germany, France and Spain combined.

Deal corridors

Deals focused on key European economies

About this report

The data used in the US UK and Europe M&A deal monitor is based on Deloitte analysis of deal volumes and values as recorded by Thomson One from Refinitiv as of July 2019. This report analyses deals completed between January 2016 and June 2019, inclusive. Where referenced, deal value calculations are based on M&A deals for which value is disclosed – values were not disclosed for over two thirds of the analysed deals, with significant volatility driven primarily by individual high value deals. Thus it is the authors’ view that deal volumes provide the more reliable and meaningful indicator of overall trends in the M&A market, and this forms the basis of our analysis.

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