Navigating the impact of COVID-19 on contractual obligations

As the effects of Coronavirus are felt around the world, the primary focus of governments and businesses is the safety of their people. Whilst this focus will continue, we are seeing a number of our corporate clients now facing weeks, if not months, of uncertain trading conditions.

Whether it is your business, your supplier’s business or your customer’s business, there is potential to suffer disruption along the supply chain, putting strain on commercial relationships and increasing the risk of failing to meet contractual obligations. Whatever the circumstance, it is important that businesses are thinking ahead, so as to be in a state of readiness to resolve those contractual challenges or navigate contentious scenarios to protect the future of the business and preserve important commercial relationships.

Read our report to find out:

How to assess and manage the risks of disruption to your business

The questions your business should be asking in order to manage and respond effectively to the following:

  • Under-performing contracts
  • Contractual supply obligations
  • The changing context for transactional contracts
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