Episode 6: Aftermarket Services

Industry 4.0 Ready podcast series

Discover the variety of digital and traditional levers that manufacturers can utilise to help transform your aftermarket opportunity. Hear about the opportunities in this sector, as well as finding inspirational Aftermarket use cases from other industries. Join Nick Davis, Geoff Hurst and Michael Wright for this episode of the Industry 4.0 Podcast.


Aftermarket Services

Defining aftermarket services can vary widely between businesses. Broadly speaking, however, it encompasses the repair, maintenance and upgrade services provided to clients following the sale of a primary product.

With the explosion of connected systems, and the acceleration of digital technologies, the aftermarket space is in a state of transformation and the potential for manufacturers is huge. In an increasingly competitive market, this sector is a lucrative area of differentiation and competitive advantage.

In this episode Nick, Michael and Geoff discuss the opportunities for manufacturers in the world of aftermarket and share practical examples to take inspiration from. Click any of the links to listen.

Five key insights you’ll hear in this podcast

Resilience – COVID-19 has illustrated supply chain and operations volatility which has led to manufacturers reviewing their business models. Parts and services (aftermarket) have little volatility so offer a more secure, high-margin revenue stream when prime product demand ebbs.

E-commerce – The traditional route to market is through a heavily invested dealer network of experts. There’s a growing group who want the industry to embrace the ease of use of e-commerce demonstrated in other sectors, like consumer. Those who can combine the best of both will be ahead.

Utilise data in tandem with a fit for purpose e-commerce platform. Decide how you will use data to define your audience and what their needs are. Use that information to sharpen up your products and services offering and ensure these insights are shared with your dealer network.

Invest in the marketing of your aftermarket services. It’s often an underserved area when businesses are setting out their stall.

Competitive advantage - Manufacturers need to look at aftersales as a source of competitive advantage and a key part of their future to stay relevant in their market. Move from an exclusive focus on primary product to lifetime value through aftersales.


Nick Davis
UK Industry 4.0 Lead

Nick Davis leads our Digital Transformation offering for industrial clients, focused on the use of digital in transforming supply chains and manufacturing operations.

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Geoff Hurst
Senior Manager,Automotive Consultant

Geoff Hurst is an automotive expert who specialises in aftersales. He has spent more than 19 years in the industry working across a range of brands from niche high end sports cars and electric vehicles (EVs) to high volume commercial vehicles. This rich experience has enabled him to understand the industry from multiple perspectives.

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Michael Wright

Michael spent 25 years working for a world-leading Fortune 50 company. He has successfully steered multiple business transformation programmes, new business start-ups, and Joint Ventures. He has also worked as Director alongside some of the best consulting groups in the world.

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