Insolvency Services

The administration process aims to facilitate a company rescue or ensure the survival of a business as a going concern.

Formal Administration typically follows a period of planning to ensure that a business can be traded, with a view to maximising realisations for stakeholders, either through an orderly sale of the business by the administrator or a rescue of the company itself through a Company Voluntary Arrangement.

What we do

Deloitte advises companies and their lenders stakeholders, when they are experiencing trading and cash flow difficulties and need to enter into an insolvency process.


How we can help

Our expertise covers a diverse range of businesses, from small enterprises to large multi-jurisdictional corporations. In all trading administrations we work closely with specialist lawyers and valuation agents to ensure that businesses assets are maximised to obtain in distressed circumstances.

Occasionally a pre-packaged sale of a business may be the optimal strategy for creditors. In this case, detailed negotiations for the sale of a business need to have been carried out immediately prior to insolvency, with key stakeholders being consulted throughout. This leads to a smooth handover of ownership and can often ensure that as many jobs as possible are saved.