International Arbitration

International Arbitration is increasingly becoming the preferred method of cross-border dispute resolution as a result of such factors as economic globalisation, the growth in the number of cross border relationships and contracts and the growth in foreign investment .

At Deloitte, we understand that it’s vital for our clients to resolve these disputes as quickly, effectively and favourably as possible. Our leading experts bring a wealth of experience to every case, having prepared reports and given oral testimony internationally for tribunals and courts across all major industry sectors, on a wide range of issues.

Our teams reach sound conclusions that are grounded in an independent, objective and thorough analysis of all the evidence. Proactive and approachable, we are also highly skilled in explaining clearly and concisely, to all parties involved, the issues and our conclusions.

Support and advice

We provide support and advice at all stages of the international dispute process:

  • Collecting, securing and analysing evidence and data, utilising our leading forensic technology skills and tools.
  • Investigating the financial consequences of claims and defences, notably on quantum.
  • Assisting with settlement processes through our understanding of the case material and our experience of mediation-style processes.
  • Advising on strengths and weaknesses of arguments and providing expert reports and oral testimony.
  • Assisting in the enforcement of arbitral judgments and awards through the identification and tracing assets.

Our team has:

  • Over 100 years’ combined expert witness and international arbitration experience.
  • Dealt with an extensive array of disputes across all major sectors, including breach of contract, asset expropriations, alleged sales at negligent and/or fraudulent undervaluation and purchase price disputes.
  • Experience across a wide range industries, in particular, the financial services, technology, and energy and resources sectors.

Key contacts

Simon Cuerden

Simon Cuerden

Crisis and Resilience Lead Partner: Forensic

Simon leads the UK Crisis and Resilience practice. Simon is an experienced forensic practitioner, with over 16 years’ experience as a partner. He has extensive experience of working with special commi... More

Philip Rees

Philip Rees


Philip specialises in valuations focused on the assessment of damages in litigation and arbitration proceedings, shareholder or contractual disputes, pre-litigation valuation advice, valuations under ... More

Ben Miller

Ben Miller


Ben Miller has over 15 years' experience specialising in expert witness. He has assessed business losses, and considered quantum issues across a wide range of industries, prepared many expert accounta... More