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Legal teams are becoming ever more sophisticated, performing under increased board-level scrutiny on legal spend whilst providing strategic advice on an increasingly complex, global and ever-changing regulatory environment. Meanwhile, the sheer volume of contracts under negotiation, requiring review and remediation can make it hard to focus your legal advice where you are most needed.

At Deloitte Legal Managed Services we provide specialist, regulated lawyers who become an intrinsic part of your team, working alongside you in the review, remediation and negotiation of your contracts.

Where other legal providers work in isolation, we collaborate across your ecosystem of third parties and in-house lawyers and drive three key benefits for your organisation:

  • Talent optimisation
    - We allocate work more effectively across the skillsets within your legal ecosystem, to maximise the value of your legal spend
  • Quality and risk management
    - Our business runs on data, and we build the tools to provide your team with real-time insights. Better visibility of contracts across the lifecycle can significantly enhance your decision making
  • Revenue realisation
    - We work with you to continually improve processes so that time to contract is reduced, enhancing the health not just of your legal team but also your entire business

Partnering with Deloitte Legal Managed Services you can expect to achieve tighter control over your legal spend and your contractual terms, the ability to flex your legal team’s capacity in line with fluctuating demand and the opportunity to gain access to Deloitte’s specialised legal, technical and business resources as they are needed.

We offer a range of fully-integrated services including but not limited to:

Contract management

  • Onshore delivery teams qualified in their local jurisdiction providing regulated legal services, with global delivery team support options
  • Ongoing contract review, drafting and negotiation, working as an extension of your in-house legal function
  • Triage, allocation and segmentation of work
  • Support for business stakeholders directly or through the in-house legal team with self-service queries and general legal advice
  • Management Information that results in clear, actionable improvements
  • Support with the streamlining of processes
  • Template, precedent and playbook development
  • Structured governance and ongoing stakeholder reviews

Contract review and remediation

  • Event driven contract review and remediation by lawyers qualified to give legal advice
  • High volume recurring contract management
  • Due Diligence support
  • E-discovery
  • Contract Digitisation & Legal Data Management
  • Obligations management and vendor assessment
  • Global and scalable resourcing models


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Emily Foges

Emily Foges


Emily is Lead Partner for Legal Managed Services across North and South Europe and the UK. Prior to joining Deloitte she was CEO at Legal AI technology platform Luminance, taking the business from sta... More

Sonia Williamson

Sonia Williamson


Sonia is a Director in the UK Legal Managed Services team with over 20 years’ legal experience and is a specialist in Legal Managed Services. She is responsible for leading the Legal Managed Services ... More