Craig Conte

Deloitte Legal Lead for LMC Contracts


Craig Conte

2 New Street Square


United Kingdom


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Craig is the Partner responsible for Deloitte’s Contracts Legal Management Consulting team and has been working in contracting, contract management and tech enablement for over 20 years. Craig’s team focuses on optimizing the end to end contracting and then post-signature contract and commercial management processes for companies. They do this with a focus on business outcomes, lowering the cost of contracting and increasing the speed and efficiency of each process. Additionally, the team has unique expertise in creating contracting Centers of Excellence hubs and deploying contract enablement technologies, having assisted with the selection, implementation and management of dozens of platforms for many clients globally. Craig is a qualified US lawyer who has practiced outsourcing and IT transactional law in New York and is on the board of directors for the International Association of Contract & Commercial Management.

Craig Conte