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Legal and Contracts teams are faced with the twin challenges of increased board-level scrutiny around cost while providing strategic advice in an increasingly complex, global, and ever-changing regulatory environment. Meanwhile, the volume of contracts under negotiation requiring review and remediation can make it hard to focus your resources where they are most valuable.

In addition, contracting and the management of those contracts is becoming increasingly important to achieve overall business success. Contracts are “touched by everyone and often owned by no one” and yet these contracts drive how fast revenue is realised or value is lost.

At Deloitte Legal Managed Services, we provide solutions that are focused on delivering better business outcomes and recognise that since contracts are at the heart of an organisation, our answers need to be just as fundamental. As a result, we believe our core services are a new way to operate legal and contracts functions.

We offer a range of fully-integrated services including:

Pre-Signature Contracting (PCS)

Our contracting solution offers enhanced visibility and controls, minimises process complexity and improves speed to value for your business.

We support the end-to-end pre-signature contracting process including:

  • Intake and triage: Managing the process for routing contracts to the right team in our or your organisation and ensuring that templates are used where appropriate.
  • Contract creation and negotiation: Using your templates and standards in the most efficient way so that there is consistency in outcomes and speed to closure, while keeping risk and mitigation clear internally.
  • Template and knowledge management: Curating and improving your contract templates and rules based upon real data and real experience, so as to ensure the most efficient use of your teams’ time in contracting.
  • Contract signature: Managing the approval matrix and the process for finalisation and signature.
  • Contract storage: Storing the signed contract, related documents and approvals in a clear and transparent manner.

Commercial & Contract Management (CCM)

Many studies show that companies are losing contract value through poor post-signature contract management. Our comprehensive solutions focus on recapturing this value, preventing its loss in the first instance and connecting to the other functions in a business while tying into our solutions offered by Consulting and Risk Advisory on third party management.

We support all aspects of Commercial & Contract Management including:

  • Contract implementation: Setting up the contract management infrastructure to support the transition and go-live of the new contract and production of key artefacts, including training your teams on the key contractual obligations, tracking these and placing all documents in the right document management system.
  • In-life contract management: Effectively governing and managing contracts to enable compliance, monitor scope/cost and mitigate service delivery risk over the life of the contract, change order management, scope reviews and providing visibility on regulatory and contractual compliance.
  • Contract renewal/close: Support contract renewal/renegotiation of the contract or complete the relevant close-down activities.

M&A Due Diligence (DD)

Our M&A DD service provides clients our best-in-class review of contract risks and opportunities and is underpinned by our legal advisory service and technology offerings.

Contract Repapering and Remediation

Our Contract Repapering and Remediation service works with the full capabilities of Deloitte to provide businesses with technology-enabled review of contracts coupled with a process-driven approach to systematically reviewing and novating contracts based upon changes in law, business events and other activities that necessitate this every-growing need.

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Craig Conte

Craig Conte

Lead Partner for Legal Operate

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