Want more margin? Add more value…

Creating long term sustainable opportunity within aerospace and defence

Taking control of your aftermarket business to improve profitability is something any aerospace and defence manufacturer can do.

Does your proposition demonstrate you understand your customers’ value chain? How easy is it for the customer to see how you contribute to their profitability?

Against a back drop of increasing price pressure from competitors in lower cost environments, aerospace and defence firms need to identify additional revenue streams where they can build sustainable competitive advantage.

What can Deloitte do?

Using our ‘Grow & Operate’ value creation play book we can help you prioritise the highest value opportunities to realise measurable bottom-line improvements in the near term. We use our in-depth industry expertise to help you to discover deep insights into your aftermarket business, and help you implement the organisational changes necessary to create competitive differentiation which enables sustained margin and revenue improvements over time.

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