Talking Public Sector

Our podcast series on government and public services

Our podcast explores the big challenges facing the public sector, how citizens want the public services to be run and what the future holds by drawing on expert opinion and exclusive research. Aimed at anyone who works in or with the public sector, this podcast brings together leaders from government and the public services, industry experts and commentators to provide an insights on the big issues facing public bodies in the UK and around the world.

Episode #1: - Places, people and public services: Sir Howard Bernstein in conversation with Rebecca George OBE
In our first episode, we discuss places, people and public services with Sir Howard Bernstein.

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Episode #2: - Leading on the front line: Sir Mark Rowley in conversation with James Taylor
In the second episode of Talking Public Sector, we discuss leadership in times of crisis, personal resilience and the importance of effective communication with Sir Mark Rowley.

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Episode #3: - Shaping the future of UK healthcare: Breid O’Brien in conversation with Karen Taylor
In the third episode of Talking Public Sector, we discuss our latest healthcare report; “Shaping the future of UK healthcare – Closing the digital gap” with Breid O’Brien, Director of Digital Transformation at the Health Innovation Network and Karen Taylor, Lead for the Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions.

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Episode #4: - Reflecting on leadership in politics: Lord Hill in conversation with Rebecca George
In the fourth episode of Talking Public Sector, we discuss leadership styles in government by drawing on the experiences of Lord Hill.

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