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Through our relationships with two Bristol schools and our charity partner 1625 Independent People, we’re bringing our 5 Million Futures ambtion to life, and making an impact that matters with young people in our local community.

In autumn 2020, Deloitte launched its 5 Million Futures strategy, to impact five million futures across Europe as part of our WorldClass ambition to help 50 million futures by 2030. This follows the success of our One Million Futures programme, where we achieved our ambition a year ahead of schedule by working alongside our network of charities, schools and social enterprises.

In the South West we’ve been working with the charity 1625 Independent People and two schools – Hannah More Primary School and Merchants’ Academy – to impact futures in our local community.

Through these relationships, our people make connections and make a real difference, sharing their skills and passions to help young people on their path towards a bright future.

Managed and operated by people in our Bristol office, our local charity and school relationships present unique opportunities to bring our purpose to life and for our people to get involved, address inequalities and provide individuals with the skills and opportunities they need to succeed, which helps them overcome barriers to education and employment.

We really believe our people can make an impact that matters when they use their skills and share expertise with individuals who haven't had the same experiences in life. And to make it easier, all of our people have 3.5 volunteering hours a month enabling them to get involved.

We are committed to social mobility and truly believe it's not where you‘re from that's important, what counts is where you are going. And that’s towards a brighter future.

Our Bristol office has worked with Hannah More Primary School for a number of years and we are proud to support their pupils and the school on a number of initiatives.

Our charity partner in Bristol is 1625 Independent People and we are committed to positively impacting the lives of young people in our local community.

Deloitte is committed to our school partnership with Merchants’ Academy and helping students to raise their aspirations and reach their potential.

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