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The demand for IT risk management is rapidly increasing in response to the rise in threats and the unprecedented wave of innovation spreading across the financial services industry. Robotics, Fintech, AI, cognitive computing and blockchain are some of the emerging trends that are expected to reshape the financial services industry and have a substantial impact on firms of all sizes. As technology transforms banking and insurance, shifting the risk landscape, organisations will need to develop an entirely new approach to IT risk management.

Our analysis identified four key drivers for change

The IT Risk function will need to take the lead in driving a coordinated approach to dealing with some of the big issues.

Our paper looks at five themes that executives can start to address now:

  • Redefining the accountability model
  • Rationalising the control framework
  • Leveraging opportunities to automate
  • Reassessing the new risk and threat landscape
  • Rethinking the IT risk talent strategy

Acting now to address the drivers and considerations will enable organisations to drive better value from IT risk management, enabling risk teams to play a leading and value adding role in shaping the way in which technology drives the industry in the future.

Download our paper to read more about the evolution of IT risk management and what that means for IT risk functions.

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