SAP S/4 HANA Transformation confidence

Taking advantage and confidence into the world of S/4 HANA transformations

An SAP programme is your opportunity to really drive improvements to the way you manage your business. It is fundamental that your project delivers improvement in the right way, first time. So many businesses rely on expert Systems Integrators – but a provider who can support you to manage risk and achieve total transformation confidence is just as key.


Many companies have complex SAP landscapes, which support critical business processes and financial reporting.

Fundamentally, S4 programmes are a business transformation, enabled by technology; not a technology programme. This underlying purpose can easily get lost in the noise of programme delivery which can be too focused on the technology and not the business transformation itself.

Our approach to achieving business transformation confidence rethinks traditional programme assurance – bringing the best of our deep integration skills and our understanding of assurance and risk. The critical change is moving from disparate areas of backwards looking assessment to providing you forward-looking insight into how the decisions you are making impact the rest of your programme.

Key findings

  • If your programme governance is not equipped with the right information to make decisions and communicate effectively and confidently with key stakeholders, the transformation is capable of leaving an organisation with the same problems it began with. 
  • Conflicting concerns and objectives of various stakeholders can impact successful programme governance, which is characterised by timely and well-informed decision-making and effective and efficient decision implementation.
  • There are several critical decisions where some pro-active advice and experience could help shape the programme and avoid regret spend.
  • Being equipped with the right information at the right time will keep the organisation focused on the business transformation that really makes a difference and equip executives to communicate with confidence where needed on the following areas, across business, delivery and technical.

How transformation confidence helps you to tackle this challenge?

Looking ahead

As an award winning SAP provider we believe this approach to achieving ongoing transformation confidence is the right way to go.

To achieve this your programme needs to assess all three levels of design (operating model, solution and programme), and pro-actively challenge the critical design decisions in real time instead of merely looking backwards.

Making this the centre of your programme will feed your programme governance with confidence in the transformation they need to communicate and make decisions effectively - coupling programme knowledge and technical understanding of how to implement SAP and land it in the business.

S/4 HANA presents a great opportunity to drive real improvements in your business, however Transformation Programmes can be hard to navigate; building confidence in the decisions you take based on pro-actively learning from the experience of others is a critical element of making the most of this opportunity.

Mick Roche, S/4 Lead Partner, Risk Advisory

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