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We can help you manage the risks associated with third parties as well as optimise IT costs and limit operational, financial, and legal risk related to software ownership.

Third Party Management

Our third party management (TPM) professionals can assist you in developing a bespoke third party management framework to manage the risks and realise the potential in your extended enterprise. We can assist you across your TPM journey, from assessing an existing capability against industry benchmarks; to establishing a programme and an experienced team to improve your TPM framework (governance, people, process and technology) maturity. Our experienced team advises on third party risk, contract and performance management, as well as technology to enable and implement TPM practices. We can also support your TPM operations through our global managed service solution and provide technology-enabled solutions to support contract discovery, contract clause extraction, contract risk assessment and contract migration programmes.

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Third Party Management contact


Danny Griffiths
Director | +44 (0)20 7007 9296

Danny Griffiths is a director in our UK Extended Enterprise team and leads the third party advisory proposition. He has 14 years of experience providing assurance and advisory services relating to thi... More

Business Partner Assurance

We can assist you to assure that your third parties comply with agreed contractual terms across a range of risk domains, from financial to anti-bribery.

On the supply side, this involves checking if third party suppliers have charged you accurately for services provided. This drives cash recoveries and has a direct impact on your bottom line. We also check if they are meeting other contractual requirements such as service levels or compliance with anti-bribery and GDPR regulations.

On the revenue side, this involves checking that you receive the revenues – such as royalties, licensee fees, revenue or profit share - you are entitled to and that your third party partners’ comply with brand and marketing obligations.

We can also check if your adhere to contractual terms with your customers and licensors; and recommend how to address any gaps in your current processes and controls.

We are experienced in all industries and all types of third party relationships - from outsourced providers and advertising agencies to licensees to materials suppliers.

Business Partner Assurance contact


Nicola Hicks
Director | +44 (0)20 7007 5410

Nicola Hicks is a director in our UK Extended Enterprise team and has over eleven years’ experience advising our clients how to manage their third party risk... More

Software Revenue Recovery

We help you to identify where revenue leakage is occurring, quantify revenue recovery opportunities and suggest how to recover. We build frameworks that enable you to mitigate risk of revenue leakage or provide a more fact-based investigative approach. Our team supports across a range of overlapping business initiatives such as piracy identification and protection; SaaA (migration, build, update); maintenance and renewals; end user usage; and partner channel transparency. Where appropriate we use technology to underpin frameworks and procedures so they align to your organisation’s digital strategy and footprint.

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Software Revenue Recovery contact


Dre Evey
Director | +44 (0)20 7007 1909

Dre Evey is a Director in the Risk Advisory practice at Deloitte LLP. Dre has over 10 years Extended Enterprise Risk Management experience and currently leads the Software License Compliance Program for the UK & Switzerland. He has... More

Software Asset Management

Our skilled practitioners can assist you in managing the multi-layered complexity of SAM programs, from focused diagnostics and vendor baselines to full SAM implementations. We offer a distinct approach that encompasses not just tools, but also people and processes—helping you put the right skill sets, accountability and governance in place to effectively manage your software assets throughout the entire lifecycle.

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Software Asset Management contact


Peter Kunorubwe
Director | +44 (0)20 7007 9530

Peter is a Director in the Extended Enterprise Risk Management team, specialising in the delivery of software asset and licence management service to our clients. Prior to joining Deloitte, Peter prev... More

Global Export Controls and Sanctions

International trade compliance poses a significant challenge for global businesses, given the constantly changing regulatory landscape. Companies face serious compliance risks as they seek to navigate these complex trade regulations. We can help you assess, design, implement and continuously improve your international trade compliance programme.

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Global Export Controls and Sanctions Contact


Julia Bell
Director | +44 (0)20 7007 1113

Julia leads Deloitte’s Global Export Controls & Sanctions team in London. She has led compliance-enhancing projects for a number of years in a variety of industries, including financial services, consumer products, oil and gas, aerospace & defence, manufacturing and the technology, media and telecommunications industries... More

Extended Enterprise key contacts

Kristian Park

Kristian Park

Global Third Party Risk Management Leader

Kristian Park is global leader for Extended Enterprise Risk Management. As a partner in Deloitte UK, Kristian works with his clients to develop governance frameworks to identify and manage all types o... More

Ian Jackson

Ian Jackson


Ian is a qualified accountant, Fellow of Chartered Association of Certified Accountants (FACCA) and member of the Association of Accounting Technicians (MAAT). Ian joined Deloitte as a Partner within ... More

Mark Bethell

Mark Bethell


Mark Bethell is a partner in the UK Extended Enterprise (“EE”) practice. Mark rejoined Deloitte in 2015 after spending four years at a global FTSE 5 company. Whilst working there Mark led the design a... More