Global Export Controls & Sanctions (GECS)

The Deloitte Global Export Controls and Sanctions practice works with clients across the globe to assess, design, implement and continuously improve international trade compliance programmes.

Your challenges

International trade compliance poses a significant challenge for global businesses, given the constantly changing regulatory landscape. Companies face serious compliance risks as they seek to navigate these complex trade regulations.

Trade regulations are restrictions imposed by governments to control the movement of military and dual-use items, including products, software and technology. The main purpose of these regulations is to prevent the proliferation of WMD and maintain international stability.

Non-compliance with trade regulations can result in significant penalties, the removal of export privileges and in some cases criminal liability.

With government regulators tightening their enforcement of these regulations, increasing the focus on accountability of senior management and imposing ever-growing penalties, export controls and sanctions compliance is quickly becoming a top strategic issue for many multinational businesses.

How Deloitte can help

Deloitte works with clients to develop and enhance their global trade framework so that people, process, and technology not only enable the efficient movement of goods, software, technology and people but effectively support their overall international business strategy.

Our GECS practice in London serves as a Global Centre of Excellence for Export Controls and Sanctions. Our practitioners have significant experience with global export controls and sanctions restrictions. The team regularly advises companies across various industry sectors on all aspects of trade controls, including the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and the Export Administration Regulations (EAR).

GECS service offerings and credentials

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Merger & Acquisition Due Diligence

Conduct global trade controls pre- and post- merger/acquisition, due diligence, disclosures and remediation advisory services and integration support.

Global manufacture of armoured vehicles

  • Conducted export controls and customs compliance due diligence assessment
  • Analysed the target’s internal compliance programme, reviewed export and customs transactions, evaluated management commitment and corporate culture in relation to trade compliance and performed a business operation compliance risk assessment
  • Determined the extent of potential successor liability
  • Drafted due diligence export and customs compliance analysis report
  • Provided a detailed risk assessment of the target’s compliance with export and customs regulatory requirements at all of its global operations
  • Developed report for the client’s board of directors’ evaluation

Trade Compliance Organisational Design

Develop trade compliance investigation plans; Conduct global trade compliance investigations; Draft investigation reports and voluntary disclosures.

Major global manufacturing company

  • Conducted a review of a client’s major business units to assess the effectiveness of their export controls and sanctions compliance programme
  • Provided a report outlining the export controls and sanctions compliance risks and opportunities identified at each business unit
  • Provided a remediation plan which indicated the corrective actions and required time of completion so that senior management could monitor progress

Trade Compliance Investigations

Develop trade compliance investigation plans; Conduct global trade compliance investigations; Draft investigation reports and voluntary disclosures.

Major global manufacturing company

  • Developed trade compliance investigation plans that considered US and local jurisdiction export controls and sanctions regulatory requirements
  • Executed the investigation across 5 jurisdictions in Europe, USA and Asia
  • Drafted detailed investigation report with root cause analysis
  • Drafted voluntary disclosures for a number of jurisdictions
  • Developed detailed remediation plans to correct the issues identified during the investigation

Trade Compliance Audit

Develop effective trade controls and compliance audit programmes and perform comprehensive trade compliance audits.

Leading European Aerospace & Defence manufacturer

  • Conducted a global ITAR compliance audit required per a Consent Agreement with the Unites States, Department of State - Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC)
  • Provided recommendations on how to enhance the client’s export compliance programme
  • Managed effective communication with the client, DDTC, and the Special Compliance Officer (SCO)
  • Identified compliance risks, potential violations and corrective action recommendations
  • Presented the audit report to the client and the SCO within the required timeframe

Trade Compliance Risk Assessments

Conduct review of supply chain operations to determine export and import compliance risks and provide recommendations on remediation activities.

Mobile network provider

  • Conducted an export controls and sanctions risk assessment of 40 sites in one month using our cloud-based trade controls risk diagnostic tool - ITC Pulse

Trade Compliance Training

Design and implement training programmes; Deliver interactive in-person multi-trade controls regulations training.

Global Aerospace And Defence manufacturer

  • Prepared and delivered export control training on 11 jurisdictions to over 100 people
  • Presented detailed case studies with real-life scenarios on classification, licensing and sanctions compliance
  • All sessions were interactive with participants needing to contribute to the case study analysis

Global Trade Automation

Support trade automation vendor selections; Conduct audits of trade automation implementations; Implement trade automation solutions (i.e. SAP GTS, Oracle GTM).

Global media service provider

  • Conducted an evaluation of the global trade management solutions to support the client’s international business operations
  • Performed an analysis of the client’s IT architecture, supply chain, and trade compliance requirements
  • Evaluated a number of global trade management solutions in the market
  • Provided a report that included a global trade management solution comparative analysis and recommendations

Export Classification

Develop and implement trade compliance classification policies and procedures; Conduct mass global export classifications.

Major Oil & Gas company

  • Conducted a mass export classification exercise of 80,000 items
  • Established a process for self-classification and obtaining classification details from business partners
  • Developed a global export classification database
  • Liaised with government authorities to obtain export classification ratings

Trade Compliance Helpdesk

Establish global helpdesk services to provide ad-hoc trade compliance advice in relation to specific international trade transactions.

Global Aerospace & Defence company

  • Established a global trade compliance helpdesk service
  • Through the helpdesk provided ad-hoc export and import classification assistance across numerous jurisdictions
  • Prepared export licence applications in numerous jurisdictions
  • Supported trade controls decisions under various regulations in numerous jurisdictions

ITC Pulse

Deloitte has developed an automated trade controls risk management solution, ITC Pulse, to help our clients quickly deploy global trade compliance risk assessments and manage corrective actions.

ITC Pulse delivers risk assessments through four key features:

  • Automation
  • Smart Questions
  • Configurable Reporting
  • Corrective Actions Management

ITC Pulse helps detect and diagnose risk whilst reducing demands on internal trade compliance teams.

If you are interested in learning more about ITC Pulse, please contact us to arrange a demonstration.

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