Intelligence Services Centre

Delivering intelligence and insights to aid decision-making

We support clients by answering critical business questions using online and open source data. We draw on a depth of intelligence expertise to develop solutions to aid decision-making, improve understanding and track and identify risks.

Data and open source information help organisations navigate and manage the complexity of today’s risky and interconnected world. However, the sheer volume of what’s out there is often overwhelming, making it difficult to distinguish crucial insights from noise.

We bring together cutting edge technology and analytical expertise to deliver quality intelligence

Our intelligence services help to cut through this noise with the latest technology and smart human analysis. We start with the business critical questions that you need to answer, building out the right solution to provide the intelligence that’s needed to make decisions.

Many services in the market end at passing on data or delivering information solutions. With these, organisations are left to distil and make sense of the findings on their own to reach useful insights. By delivering intelligence we’re doing the leg work, enabling your organisation to focus on what really matters: spending time making proactive decisions and taking informed action.

We use intelligence to answer business critical questions

Our team is equipped with the people, technology, data and approach required to provide organisations the intelligence support that they need, no matter the business challenge. Our services include:

  • Monitoring: We continuously scan relevant sources to identify emerging trends and events
  • Investigations: We provide investigations into key themes or topics of interest
  • Screening & profiling: We generate a consolidated view of key information from a fixed time period on an entity, person or topic
  • Secondments & advice: We inject intelligence expertise directly into a team by providing our expertise as a service
  • Checking & verification: We review data subjects against key criteria to deliver findings on compliance and changes

Clients can select from a broad suite of services covering different types of risk, with outputs ranging from alerts on time-sensitive developments, to in-depth investigative reports, inventories and profiles.

For any enquiries please contact the Intelligence Services Centre.