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Crises, incidents and one-off issues happen. Whether it’s a system outage, cyber attack or commercial event, all organisations will experience challenges that impact business as usual. In order to be resilient, when these events happen organisations need to move swiftly to communicate and engage with affected stakeholders and customers, providing the right level of support to minimise their concerns, answer questions and allay fears.

The customer experience challenge

Customers expect communication and support from businesses they deal with, be it via a call centre, chatbot, social media or other communication platforms. This ‘duty of care’ becomes especially important in crisis situations.

The combination of crisis situations and customer expectations creates a short-term need for ‘surge capacity’ to meet the rise in calls and concern.

In the event of any unexpected situation, we can rapidly mobilise a customer support capability on your behalf to allow you to focus on business as usual activity and ensure the incident is dealt with swiftly and effectively.

How Deloitte can help

Our Customer Support service allows you to meet the call surge, supporting the customer experience by rapidly mobilising agents and infrastructure to scale up capacity.

Our operations mobilise mass outreach and communication services along with on-call support to meet your demand even in the most extreme circumstances.

We use ready-to-go technology to link with your teams and manage queries across multiple countries and languages. We can also deploy chatlines, chatbots and other message support to allow different channels of engagement.

Our Customer Support service works in two ways

  1. Retained Support Service
    A retained service with guaranteed resource and response levels

    If you choose our retainer service, we will work with your team to prepare before a potential incident occurs.

    This includes planning for a crisis by integrating your playbook into our operational hub, aligning infrastructure, testing and conducting drills, which allows us to rapidly provide support during an incident. The internal training processes are reviewed and updated regularly in line with any relevant changes.
  2. Live Incident Response
    Rapid response support when a live incident occurs

    You can call our 24/7 hotline and once we understand the incident details, we will guide you through the remediation process. Our incident response manager will coordinate all the elements of delivery to ensure that you have the support you need from day one.

Our work in this area is underpinned by world-class advisory work in crisis management and managed services. By partnering with us, you know you have every aspect covered in the event of a crises.

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