Resilience Reimagined

Resilient organisations thrive before, during and after adversity

The impact of COVID-19 shows where you have resilience and where there are vulnerabilities; now is the moment to consider what changes you should make to enhance the resilience of your organisation and the new ways of operating.

Resilience Reimagined supports your organisation's resilience journey, answering a multitude of issues and challenges. We provide access to the extensive capabilities of Deloitte to help you transform and thrive before, during and after adversity, including improved risk identification and mitigation to enhance resilience.

The Deloitte Impact Assessment is designed to help your business navigate the transition period so you are positioned to implement timely operational changes and take advantage of the opportunities ahead. Deloitte works with businesses to act on the ‘known knowns’ in respect of the UK/EU future relationship, offered by the UK’s departure from the EU Single Market and Customs Union. As well as plan against what is decided during the ongoing trade negotiations.Our approach addresses the tangible outcomes required as well as the cultural mind set and governance necessary. It is designed to improve resourcefulness and adaptability. Delivering tangible outcomes for your organisation:

Financial resilience

A strong balance sheet and clear contingency funding options for shocks and adverse events

Operational resilience

Sufficient diversity, redundancy and resourcefulness, alongside a proven capability to respond and adapt to adverse events and changes in market conditions

Reputational resilience

Established reputation indicators based on consumer and societal expectations

Key contacts

Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson

Lead Partner, Crisis & Resilience

Tim is a crisis, issues and reputation management specialist and a partner in Deloitte’s specialist Crisis and Resilience practice. He has worked all over the world helping clients improve their crisi... More