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Meet the key contacts for the UK Transfer Pricing Team

Businesses are facing an increasing number of tax and regulatory requirements imposed by the countries in which they operate. In the midst of uncertainty, we work with you to proactively minimise your risk exposure. Discover how Deloitte’s transfer pricing solutions can help your organisation.


The FTSE TP team works with large and mid-size UK-listed clients across the transfer pricing lifecycle, which includes the design of transfer pricing policies, ensuring alignment with the business model and the ability for these policies to be implemented so that they are accurately recorded in the books and records of the company. Further, we work with our client to appropriately document and support these policies, utilising our Digital DoX technology, and then support our clients in proactively engaging with tax authorities through advance pricing agreements or in reaching resolution with tax authorities when a dispute has arisen.

Sophie Brown
Email: sophiebrown@deloitte.co.uk
Contact: +44 20 7007 8115

Alison Lobb
Email: alobb@deloitte.co.uk
Contact: +44 20 7007 0497


Our Financial Services Transfer Pricing team provide advice to businesses operating within the financial services sector including focused sector specialists across banking and capital markets, treasury and financial transactions, insurance and reinsurance, captives, traditional asset management, and other funds including private equity, real estate, sovereign wealth and hedge funds.

Our transfer pricing services map across the full life cycle from policy setting, implementation, documentation and benchmarking (ensuring consistency with master and local file requirements across the globe, as well as support on country by country reporting), through to tax authority engagement in Advance Pricing Agreements or dispute resolution including Mutual Agreement Procedures. We also advise on permanent establishment risks, and profit attribution methodologies where permanent establishments arise or exist.

Stephen Weston
Email: sgweston@deloitte.co.uk
Contact: +44 20 7007 4568

Giles Hillman
Email: ghillman@deloitte.co.uk
Contact: +44 20 7007 3750

Greg Martin
Email: gjmartin@deloitte.co.uk
Contact: +44 20 7007 6715

Sebastian Ma’ilei
Email: smailei@deloitte.co.uk
Contact: +44 20 7007 1596

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”) Transfer Pricing team works closely with the M&A and Restructuring tax teams, advising on scenarios such as buy-side and sell-side due diligence, post-transaction model design and implementation, and restructuring transactions.

M&A transactions often give rise to specific Transfer Pricing challenges, such as the need to integrate former operating models or make changes in accordance with the new management and commercial structure of the group. We focus on assisting clients to resolve Transfer Pricing risks identified as part of due diligence exercises, effective tax rate (“ETR”) rationalisation and cash tax savings for groups in financial distress.

Lotta Syrjala
Email: lsyrjala@deloitte.co.uk
Contact: +44 20 7007 6525

Private Markets (Clients)

We have a team that provides transfer pricing advice specifically to privately-owned businesses, ranging from large private companies and partnerships to innovative and entrepreneurial start-ups and fast-growing disruptors. We have supported a significant number of clients from early in their lifecycle right through to IPO and listing on AIM or the LSE.

Our advice covers the full transfer pricing spectrum, from assisting with business model design, through to the preparation of supporting documentation and liaising with tax authorities. Our team appreciates that in many cases, specifically in early years, private businesses do not necessarily have in-house tax teams let alone in-house transfer pricing resource. We therefore focus on providing commercial advice that is appropriate for the audience.

Roy Donegan

Email: rdonegan@deloitte.co.uk
Contact: +44 20 7007 5059

Energy & Resources

Our Energy & Resources (“E&R”) Transfer Pricing team has specific offerings for each of the following sub-sectors: (i) oil and gas, (ii) mining and materials, (iii)Power, utilities and renewables, (iv) commodity trading

We use our global expertise to deliver value, provide integrated solutions and address the challenges of a powerful and ever-changing sector.

Aengus Barry
Email: aenbarry@deloitte.co.uk
Contact: +44 20 7007 4331

Foreign Owned

Our Foreign Owned Transfer Pricing team is dedicated to providing complex Transfer Pricing solutions, across a variety of sectors, to the UK and EMEA operations of foreign headquartered groups from a variety of geographies. Our team collaborates closely with broader international tax specialists to provide our clients with complete transfer pricing services.

We provide our clients with a variety of advisory and compliance services including supply chain management (such as restructurings and the pricing of intangible assets), transfer pricing policy design, and multi-country documentation projects. We also advise our clients on Permanent Establishment risk and profit attribution, and provide support with controversy and tax authority interactions, including Advanced Pricing Agreements and Mutual Agreement Procedures.

Brendan Burgess
Email: breburgess@deloitte.co.uk
Contact: +44 161 455 6437

Shaun Austin
Email: saustin@deloitte.co.uk
Contact: +44 121 695 5011

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