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Transparency developments

Transparency developments in 2015/2016

Last year saw increasing demands for tax transparency from large businesses, and media coverage suggests that the taxation of large companies remains high on the public agenda.

Deloitte has analysed the annual reports of the FTSE100 for the last three years to understand how their communications around taxes are evolving to respond to these demands. At the same time, we have tracked the proliferation of tax reporting requirements, including the announcement that large businesses will now have to publish their UK tax strategies.

Our latest paper in the Responsible Tax series – Key tax transparency developments in 2015 – builds on findings from previous years and:

  • Focuses on the UK tax strategy disclosure requirements; 
  • Considers the broader tax transparency landscape, in particular FTSE100 reporting trends; and
  • Reflects on how we see companies responding, in relation to the UK
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