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Annual review of Tax Transparency

Tax reporting and transparency trends in 2017

This 4th edition of the Deloitte Annual Review of FTSE100 tax disclosures sets out our view of the tax reporting and transparency trends for 2016/2017. In particular, we reflect on how companies are improving the clarity of their tax communications through responding to the Financial Reporting Council’s thematic review of tax disclosures and the new requirement to publish a UK tax strategy.

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Deloitte’s established team of tax management consultants is on hand to:

  • Assist you in identifying your strategic tax objectives and develop an action plan for achieving them
  • Assess your tax governance and control framework to ensure your key strategic risks are addressed. If you don’t have a framework, we can help you design one
  • Carry out specific testing of your key tax controls and report to management
  • Help you develop your tax communications strategy, including peer benchmarking
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