Rolling out a global share plan with a POP

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Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) needed to effectively roll out their share purchase plan to a new audience of over 33,000 employees in 17 countries. Oh, and in 10 languages.

They needed to make people feel excited to join the plan, invested in the company and confident they understood all the associated tax implications.

Despite a tight turnaround, and with over 100 deliverables on the list, we produced a smart and colourful 90-second animation to build excitement, alongside interactive summaries and easy to understand tax guides for each country.

Bubbling over with joy

Since launch the equity team at CCEP have received lots of compliments about the campaign and very few questions about how things work.

That’s what we like to hear!

“Stitch have, hands down, delivered quite possibly the best customer experience of any agency I’ve worked with.”
— Dan Coles, Senior Manager
Betty Dartois-Vanneck<br>Senior Account Manager at Stitch

Betty Dartois-Vanneck
Senior Account Manager at Stitch

“Working with CCEP has been a really enriching experience. This large scale multi-channel and multi-language project had its challenges of course, but we worked really well, both as a team and with the client to overcome all the hurdles. Take up stats and positive employee feedback on the comms we produced made it all the more rewarding. “
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