Episode 5: What’s the business case for Cloud?

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Businesses today are looking beyond the model of cost saving and priorities have taken a more strategic turn when it comes to the future of technology and the creation of value - be that for shareholders or for citizens. Key to success is remembering that a strong business case is more than just the financial numbers, it needs to align with the digital ambition and executive plan while remaining flexible and adaptable as the world evolves.

In this episode we're taking on different perspectives to provide a holistic approach in what you need to know about building a business case for Cloud. Tune in, there's more than what meets the eye!

Key questions explored in this podcast:

  • What are some of the most compelling business cases for Cloud?
  • From an IT operator's perspective, is the Cloud cheaper?
  • What is key in ensuring the business case is clear for all stakeholders involved?
  • What have we learnt from managing Cloud services for clients that can help protect – or even increase the benefits forecasted?

Prathmesh Jadhav
Senior Manager
Cloud Strategy & Engineering

Prathmesh has 8+ years of experience with leading and delivering cloud strategy, migration and cost optimisation engagements for global financial services clients.

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Adam Gogarty

Adam is a Director in Deloitte’s Technology practice with a background in Cloud computing, IT strategy and architecture. Adam’s strength is in helping clients articulate their strategy and build consensus on transformation roadmaps across technology, people and processes.

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