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Isn’t marketing just advertising? Answer incorrectly and you can expose your organization to a host of unintended–and unwanted–consequences. As new marketing channels have emerged, companies often struggle to convey an integrated message to their consumers. Delivering a consistent message strengthens brand recognition and can help increase customer loyalty. Today, advertising alone does not define the marketing landscape. The landscape of a world class marketing organization is comprised of strategies, people, processes and capabilities seamlessly fused together to deliver business results. Learn more about the offering.

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What it takes
For many marketing organizations, the challenge begins at its office doors. While many marketing organizations have made big strides in recent years, adapting quickly to meet new challenges, they’re still not as efficient as they need to be to outflank the competition. Many are weighed down by a lack of communication and collaboration across teams. Some have inconsistent methods of manually collecting and analyzing data. Others have outdated approaches to new media campaigns rooted in their experiences with traditional media campaigns. And some are grappling with all of the above.

Changing these dynamics to create a world-class marketing organization requires a collaborative effort across four areas: strategic planning, campaign planning, campaign execution, and analytics and reporting. Improvements in these areas can produce an integrated, analytics-based operating model that connects marketing programs with fact-based insights. Just as important, it can deliver a cohesive view of the marketplace and customers alike to aid campaign planning and execution.

Transforming your marketing organization will not only strengthen the company’s brand and creative positioning but also deliver a seamless 360-degree interaction between brands and consumers. This converts consumers to customers and sets the stage for lifelong loyalty.

How we can help

Today, it’s possible to build a marketing organization based on a coordinated platform that integrates people, processes and technology. It helps to have a partner that not only understands your business, but has the resources at hand to address each of these areas and more. That’s where Deloitte excels. Our solutions can be applied across the full range of marketing capabilities, prioritized and sequenced as needed.

We help clients answer some of their toughest questions, including:

  • How do I create more relevant insights to target the right customers?
  • How much should I spend and what is my optimized marketing mix?
  • Do I have the capabilities to provide targeted and/or customized interactions using social media channels?
  • How do we merge customer information from social media with information from other channels?
  • How do I effectively leverage my customer data during budget and campaign planning?
  • Does marketing create 360-degree interactions between consumers and my brand?
  • What metrics should I track to meet various goals and objectives?
  • Did I achieve my return on investment goals?

Our services Include:

  • 360° strategic planning advisory
  • Ecosystem business planning modeling
  • Omni channel closed loop marketing process design
  • Zero-based budgeting methodology
  • Intelligent data mining and discovery techniques
  • Flexible database marketing tools

Our strategies are built on a foundation of deep industry knowledge supported by solid research into customers’ needs and behaviors. Strategic resources we provide our clients include:

The Deloitte Analytics Institute. As a leader in the science of business analytics, we help our clients mine customer data to drive strategy and performance improvement.

DeepDive™. We help clients generate breakthrough solutions to customer challenges using this brainstorming technique, originally developed by IDEO, the Silicon Valley industrial design firm.

Centers of Excellence. Clients tap into our deep functional knowledge and cross-industry experience that provides insight across customer experience, pricing and marketing.

Think tank collaboration. Deloitte works with the Center for Customer Insight and Marketing Solutions (CCIMS) at the University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business to conduct research into customer behaviors and identify ways companies can improve marketing performance.

Bottom-line benefits

An effective marketing transformation can help you:

  • Maximize and measure the return on marketing investment.
  • Monitor and analyze social media to develop innovative actionable insights.
  • Develop targeted customer lists and personalized messaging.
  • Transform fragmented technology into integrated Marketing Resource Management solutions.
  • Identify the most beneficial consumer and trade promotion programs.
  • Optimize marketing processes to create more efficient organizations.

Four ways to get more value now

Aim for the right target. To get the most value from Marketing Transformation efforts, it’s essential to align the objectives and goals of both the marketing organization and company. Developing and monitoring such measurable objectives will drive effective campaign strategies and action plans.

Set the foundation. It’s important for marketing organizations to have creative freedom. But establishing a strong foundation of processes and policies to plan, execute and analyze campaigns is critical to operate efficiently. Assign a core group of professionals dedicated to defining and enforcing key processes and policies.

Embrace the data. An increased number of media channels and data sources might seem overwhelming. Commit to analyzing the available information before, during and after each marketing campaign. It will provide an understanding of the customer and clear direction to move forward.

Plan for curves ahead. In today’s technology-focused world, new media channels spring up constantly, forcing the marketing environment to change directions just as fast. Develop a flexible structure that can easily integrate new channels into planning, execution, analytics and reporting.

Marketing transformation in action

  • A large apparel retailer was spending a significant portion of its annual advertising budget on paid search engine placement, but it was uncertain of the return on investment. Deloitte helped the retailer optimize marketing search term spending by differentiating patterns of unpaid and paid search orders. Deloitte found that natural (unpaid) search terms provided an equal or stronger return on investment than paid searches. As a result, the retailer’s online search advertising costs were cut by several million dollars without negatively impacting sales.
  • A global high-tech company suffered from organizational inefficiencies, which resulted in brand deterioration. Deloitte collaborated with the company to reinvent its marketing functions. The marketing organization’s efficiency and effectiveness were improved by streamlining roles and responsibilities, establishing customer experience frameworks, consolidating suppliers, and creating performance metrics to manage the group. Transforming the global marketing organization resulted in improved distribution of marketing resources and more than $100 million in annual savings.
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Christine Cutten

Christine Cutten

Customer Transformation | Monitor Deloitte

Christine is a principal of Deloitte Consulting LLP and a leader within the Customer Transformation practice. In her 10-year tenure with Deloitte and more than her 20 year career, Christine has helped... More

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Edward See

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Ed is a principal in the Technology service area and the Information Management service line specializing in the Consumer Products sector. He has market eminence as a thought leader in marketing strat... More