ESOP Corporate Finance

Achieving liquidity

Deloitte Corporate Finance LLC (DCF) can assist clients seeking liquidity through the tax-advantaged sale of shares to an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). ESOPs are employee benefit plans that enable participating employees to accrue a beneficial interest in the equity ownership of their companies over time. An ESOP can provide compelling tax advantages to both the selling shareholders and the sponsoring company. DCF’s ESOP Corporate Finance Group has industry-leading experience in advising clients on a variety of ESOP transactions.

Leveraging current disruption into long-term gain

Given recent events around COVID-19 and its unprecedented market turbulence, DCF’s ESOP Corporate Finance group provides a current state of events surrounding the novel coronavirus and key attributes of ESOPs as they relate to private equity portfolio companies.

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A creative approach to corporate sustainability and long-term growth

The DCF ESOP Corporate Finance group highlights additional insights into issues surrounding the novel coronavirus and key trends that have been affecting many existing ESOP companies since the US emergence of COVID-19.

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​How we can help

DCF has the breadth of capability and experience to run a dual-track liquidity process where we can “market-test” the sale of the company to strategic and/or financial buyers while preserving the opportunity to complete a shareholder liquidity event utilizing an ESOP liquidity strategy. This process allows clients to evaluate and compare net proceeds over the range of liquidity alternatives.

DCF also provides a range of middle-market investment banking services to existing ESOP companies. We combine corporate finance experience, ESOP knowledge, and capital market reach to ESOP companies and their range of unique financial and cultural considerations.

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