Investments in security are at an all-time high, yet successful cyberattacks are still on the rise, both in number and sophistication. While innovations in technology power new strategic initiatives, it also opens new doors for cyber criminals. How can organizations fight back? Using human insight, technological innovation, and comprehensive cyber solutions, we manage cyber everywhere, so society can go anywhere.

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We’ve led the way through every era of cyber risk, from compliance, to resilience, to complexity. Our heritage, combined with deep tech expertise and broad industry experience means we’re prepared for every scenario. At Deloitte Cyber, we help clients perform better, solving complex problems so they can build confident futures. Smarter, faster, more connected futures. Better futures never before thought possible—for business, for people, and for the planet.

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Tariq M. Ajmal

Tariq M. Ajmal

Partner | Risk Advisory | Cyber