Financial Stability 


Financial Stability

Navigate the volatility and distress of the current uncertain times

In this time of financial uncertainty, Deloitte has a holistic solution to assist enterprises - whether Privately or Publicly owned - navigate the volatility and distress of the current very uncertain times and exit the pandemic stronger and more resilient than before. We will help them Thrive.

While governments have provided support to enterprises and the economy either directly or indirectly through encouraging banks and central banks to provide leniency and deferrals on loans etc., businesses are still facing the challenge to thrive. It is expected that availability and supply of credit will continue to be constrained in some areas as the crisis increases risk of material loan defaults for lenders, and borrowers emerge from the crisis with more debt. 

A wave of M&A is likely in many sectors as enterprises find ways to address over-leverage and repair balance sheets through selling non core businesses to create liquidity.  More successful enterprises may also need additional facilities to rebuild their working capital balances as they recover. 

We can help businesses navigate the challenges and emerge stronger by bringing to them a wide range of skills including restructuring, M&A, cost optimisation, working capital management, governance and business planning. We have two specific global End-to-End propositions that are aimed at helping businesses no matter where they sit in the distress cycle through our End-to-End restructuring sprint and our Distressed market offering.

Businesses post restructuring may be able to survive and potentially recover and thrive. We can help management teams effectively navigate crisis successfully through the following areas:

  • Restructuring
  • Fast track
  • M&A Cost optimisation
  • Third Party Risk management

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