Analytics Assurance

Leveraging the power of analytics, the result of Audit & Assurance activities can produce insights and conclusions that help decision makers act quickly and make more effective, timely decisions.

Leading in the age of insight requires new strategies that leverage data for informed business decisions. Deloitte's analytics specialists use problem solving logic and tools to help organizations across the Middle East apply insights at the point of action and then connect those insights for greater value.

Amidst the ever-changing economic markets in the region, it’s essential for organisations to leverage information in new ways for optimal business performance, adjusting to an ever-changing regulatory environment, and enhance efficiency throughout. It takes facts—and lots of them—to really understand what’s happening and why, and to make decisions that will steer your organization in the right direction now, and in the future.

It is an imperative for organisations to leverage information in new ways to maintain and grow profits, enhance performance, and provide information transparency to satisfy regulators, clients, and investors.

Deloitte Analytics Assurance team can help. The team offer in-depth analytics knowledge, skills, and services to help organizations in the region through providing challenge and experience through audit and assurance delivery, we provide insight, challenge and in-depth market knowledge to help organisations.



How we can help you

From technical accounting issues such as GAAP and IFRS to ledger mapping, accounting compliance and process & controls effectiveness, we bring a depth of accounting experience and insight to each finance transformation initiative. Deloitte helps finance leaders address the most critical priorities in enabling the finance function to support and create value for the business.

Data Integrity and Quality is a strategy and processes, which involves verifying that the data was not corrupted during its use and remains viable for use in future. We work with our clients to provide various solutions including data and privacy assurance to ensure data adequacy and GDPR Assurance. Our team of technical experts also deliver algo assurance, robotics assurance and AI assurance to further support your organization with data ethics, conduct risk and credit risk. 

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Craig Cosham

Partner | Head of Assurance Services

Craig is an Audit & Assurance Partner in the Middle East and is a financial services focused Partner with over 23 years of professional services experience. He is highly skilled with considerable expe... More