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AllyME – Deloitte Middle East Allyship program

All you have is your voice. But that’s all it takes. Be an Ally.

At Deloitte, our core values are the foundation of our inclusion strategy in the Middle East – where we take action that drives positive change toward enabling diverse and underrepresented groups to feel heard and perform at their best. This strategy is underpinned by respect and appreciation for diversity in all its forms. In Deloitte Middle East (DME), we believe that allyship is everyone’s responsibility and we all have a part to play in advancing diversity, equity and inclusion. With over 90 nationalities across DME, our people come from diverse backgrounds, societies, and cultures, and from a range of underrepresented groups, making allyship ever more relevant.

Today, much is spoken about allyship – but how can we ensure we always act as allies? “We’ve all seen it happen” – but have we all had the courage to step in, use our voice and offer support when we are needed?

Our words and actions have an impact on others – it is within our control to make sure this impact is positive, and lasting. And it is within our grasp to speak up when we see something that makes someone else feel "marginalised" or"excluded".

In our daily interactions, we are aware that being an ally is not a choice. We should all visibly and vocally stand up for the rights of others, especially underrepresented groups, call out bias and unacceptable behavior, and use our voice to create positive change. It goes far beyond expressing passive support; it is a long-term commitment to advocate for others. For us, effective allyship is not about seniority nor performance, it is not an isolated gesture. Allyship is about being aware. It is part of your everyday interactions with those around you and at the heart of inclusion.

At Deloitte Middle East, we continue to foster an inclusive culture built on a foundation of respect and allyship by offering our people and inclusive leaders an allyship library with wide range of resources to help them become an effective ally and build our allyship community further.

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