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Respect & Inclusion – championing respect for diversity in all its forms

Overcoming roadblocks and engaging in uncomfortable conversations

At Deloitte Middle East, we want everyone to feel they can be themselves and to thrive at work - in every country, in everything we do, every day. This can only be achieved by providing an everyday workplace culture characterized by inclusive behaviors and built on a foundation of respect and appreciation for diversity in all its forms.

Respect & Inclusion is the foundation of Deloitte’s diversity and inclusion strategy in the Middle East that places a deliberate and clear focus on our everyday culture - a culture that stands against all non-inclusive behaviors, and champions respect for diversity in all its forms. After all, the behaviour you walk past is the behaviour you accept.

We also recognize that topics related to diversity and inclusion can be sensitive and people may worry about saying the 'wrong thing' or causing offense - which can lead to people avoiding these conversations all together. 

At Deloitte Middle East, we offer our practitioners resourceful tools to help them overcome roadblocks and engage in uncomfortable conversations.

Below is an example of few conversation ground rules that could be helpful to you too:

  • Start by following some fundamental ground rules for all conversations— whether with a colleague, in a team, or in larger group settings
  • Engage in dialogue—not debate
  • Demonstrate cultural humility - hold yourself and others accountable to self-reflect, learn, continually challenge yours and others’ assumptions, behaviors and experiences
  • Be open, transparent, and willing to admit mistakes
  • Embrace the power of humble listening by putting your ego, assumptions, and viewpoints aside to reflect on, and learn from, someone else’s experience
  • Create a discussion environment that is trusting and open - where a little discomfort is okay. Sensitively authentic communication is a strength.

If any of our practitioners at Deloitte Middle East witnesses or experiences non-inclusive behavior and need more guidance on how to manage the situation, they can always consult with one of the various support routes available within the firm, including their team leader, coach, our Deloitte Middle East Ethics and Anti-Corruption Champions, HR, and Deloitte Speak UP portal -  to help keep inclusion on top of mind in our daily interactions. 

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