Unfolding the Hydrogen System Map

The formula to establish the Hydrogen ecosystem 

With the hydrogen developments accelerating globally to support carbon reduction goals to meet the COP26 climate change conference objectives, why applying a system approach is becoming increasingly important to ensure the success of emerging hydrogen ecosystems?

Visually mapping the various elements of the hydrogen ecosystem and their feedback loops can enable private and public decision-makers to visualize the dynamics and interdependencies of the system. In doing so, private and public players can better identify the decision-making processes of the different actors within the system, and assess the short and long-term impact of their actions.

Presenting the latest Future of Energy Point of View: Unfolding the Hydrogen System Map, the second in the Future of Energy Middle East Campaign (First edition - Hydrogen economy superpower), talking about applying a systems perspective to develop resilient hydrogen ecosystems and re-emphasizing the advantages and opportunities for the GCC countries to lead the hydrogen economy.

Unfolding the Hydrogen system map
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