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Developing Dubai’s debt market to promote investment and growth

We are pleased to announce the release of our second report in a series of publications aimed at encouraging investment in Dubai, in collaboration with the Dubai Economic Council, titled “Developing Dubai’s debt market to promote investment and growth.”

A robust debt capital market offers additional source of financing and can act as a source of stability to the economy by supporting growth across various economic cycles. With increasing efforts towards supporting product innovation, improving the underlying debt market infrastructure and enhancing the legal and regulatory framework could prove to be instrumental in the expansion and development of Dubai’s conventional and Islamic debt markets.

The report covers key topics such as:

  • Clarifying the rationale for developing a local debt market in Dubai;
  • Factors that are likely to further develop Dubai’s conventional debt market;
  • Benchmarking against other peer regional and international financial trading hubs;
  • Identifying potential gaps that could impact Dubai’s competitiveness; and
  • Policy recommendations as a result of the benchmarking analysis.

Finally, the report identifies potential gaps that could impact Dubai’s competitiveness and makes a number of policy recommendations that could support the development of local debt markets.

Download the pdf report
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