Communications Monitoring and Surveillance

Applying modern compliance tools and automating the review of communications helps bring measurable positive value that includes risk mitigation, protecting the business and customer retention.

With an increasingly complex regulatory environment, organisations across industries struggle to execute targeted and timely compliance, investigation and internal audit activities to address market abuse, economic crime and misconduct, putting themselves at risk. Employee and customer communications are of particular concern.

Our team helps clients gather and monitor the right electronic and voice data, automate the review process and isolate issues quickly to mitigate risks and aid compliance and regulatory reporting.

Deloitte Audio Discovery powered by TrueVoice provides an end-to-end, comprehensive audio monitoring and surveillance solution. Leveraging the capabilities of TrueVoice, a Deloitte proprietary technology, the application allows users to transcribe, play, visualise and search transcriptions with speaker separation and voice-to-transcript intelligent matching.

Unique to the solution is its behavioural sentiment analysis capabilities, helping organisations truly understand motives and intentions behind communications to effectively highlight areas of business risk.

Winner of “Best Innovation: Solution Provider” at the Relativity Awards 2020, this interactive audio and video player is fully integrated within Relativity. This allows users to conduct audio surveillance alongside review of text-based communications in a synchronised workflow to reduce cost and streamline compliance monitoring and analysis.

Audio Monitoring and Surveillance Solution

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Rana Shashaa

Rana Shashaa

Partner | Middle East Forensic Leader

Rana Shashaa leads the Deloitte Forensic practice in the Middle East, the largest investigation and disputes practice in the region. She has over 18 years of experience across a range of forensic disc... More

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Boray Altunisler

Director | Forensic

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