Government & Infrastructure

Using the private sector to improve public services and infrastructure provision

Reducing the reliance on governments to fund and deliver public services and infrastructure remains a critical priority across the GCC as economic transformation programs continue at pace. 

Exploring options for private sector participation (PSP) in line with best practice is a challenge for most leading government ministries, agencies and state-owned enterprises. Key scenarios where governments can improve the use of the private sector include:

  • Complex outsourcing or contracting private sector for service delivery, including joint ventures
  • Private finance and delivery for new capital assets
  • Commercialisation of services to access revenue opportunities
  • Release of value from underutilised fixed assets, such as real estate
  • Corporatisation of functions or organisations
  • Privatisation, divestment or carve-out of government business units or enterprises
How we can help

As one of the GCC’s leading Government and Infrastructure (G&I) advisory teams, our G&I practitioners are deeply active in privatisation programs, from program initiation and planning, through project definition, procurement and financing.  We are also involved in lead financial advisory services on government procurement and bidder side advisory on PPP and project finance transactions.

We support the improvement of the performance of government agencies involved in public service delivery. We do this through the provision of financial and commercial advice, from commercial strategy through contracting, contract restructuring and termination. 

Our teams work with the owners of many of the region’s major infrastructure assets and government property estates, providing advisory services on asset portfolio strategies, value realization and commercialisation.  We support client use asset recycling as an alternative funding strategy, and the identification and execution of investment options for private sector investors.

Our expert team provides advice on:
  • Business case and options analysis
  • Financing advice
  • Project commercial structuring
  • Procurement and bid-side support
  • Financial feasibility and modelling
  • Asset management and value release
  • PPP structuring and procurement 
  • Bid-side support
  • Joint ventures 
We are active across a range of sectors including:
  • Transport/smart cities
  • Energy
  • Social infrastructure, including healthcare and education
  • National finance
  • Defense, security and justice
  • Sport
  • Digital

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Dorian Reece

Dorian Reece

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Vishal Rander

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Toby Robinson

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Vivien Catto

Director | Government & Infrastructure

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