Leading on the COVID-19 frontline

Hospital, unlike most other CEOs, are at the forefront of the global fight against COVID-19. Given this relatively unique vantage point, we believe that their experiences and reflections will be of interest and value to leaders beyond the health sector and indeed, beyond the immediate crisis.

We have spoken to a select number of health senior leaders; CEOs who are responsible for large hospitals and community care facilities, collaborating closely with their university counterparts to discover a vaccine for COVID-19, and working to enable the largest transformation of a country’s health system in a generation.

In this article we share their insights on how the pandemic has actually created opportunities to deliver better care to patients and how these leaders have managed to maintain a healthy balance between various divergent management practices.


Jay Bevington, Organizational and Workforce Transformation Lead Partner & Health Senior Partner, Middle East
Abdelhamid Suboh, Life Sciences and Healthcare Leader, Middle East
Debbie Young, Health Senior Partner, Vice Chair, UK
Rania Abu-Shukur, Human Capital Director, Middle East
Dania Nourallah, Human Capital Senior Manager, Middle East

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