The board’s-eye view of cyber crisis management


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Focus on: The board’s-eye view of cyber crisis management

Board members are increasingly being pulled from their elevated vantage point into the thick of cybersecurity issues. The possibility of being held personally liable in the event of a breach is one motivator to roll up their sleeves.

Learn about the different types of crisis triggers and the five things boards must ensure management is focused on to prepare for potential cyber threats.

A website going down is one thing; the company going down is another.

The fallout from many breaches often includes costly drawn-out litigation, distracting regulatory actions, trickle-down operational disruption, impaired strategy execution, and increased insurance liability, all of which diminish corporate value.

The Focus on series is part of Deloitte’s commitment to provide insights that help board members and senior executives navigate the crisis management lifecycle, including readiness, response, and recovery.

This Focus on issue discusses the potential effects of a cyber breach, specifically around:

  • reputational impact
  • widespread disruption
  • M&A vulnerability
  • third-party risk
  • insurance payouts

View the PDF to learn more about the role the board plays in helping organizations determine how to respond to the new cyber threat landscape, the six different types of crisis triggers for which most organizations should be prepared, and what steps your board needs to take to ensure your organization’s risk sensitive assets are secured.

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