Operational Risk and Transformation

Managing risk to drive performance 

Risk is unavoidable, but it is manageable and—when viewed with an eye on growth—potentially profitable. Deloitte’s Operational Risk and Transformation services help clients transform the ways in which they leverage people, technology, data, processes and controls to address their operational risks and drive performance. Deloitte develops frameworks that include common risk taxonomies, risk assessments and reporting, business and IT process and controls assessment methods, and enabling tools and technologies.

We offer:

  • Business Process and Controls Transformation - We assist organizations assess, design and/or transform processes and controls within their business operations to achieve more efficient, effective and resilient operations aligned with their risk appetite and strategic objectives.
  • Operations Risk Strategy and Governance - We help organizations design and/or transform their operational risk strategy, program and functions to strengthen operational and brand resiliency, and promote competitive differentiation to maximize financial performance and shareholder value.
  • Operations Risk Assessment, Monitoring, and Reporting - We drive organizations to implement and/or better manage their operational risk program. Specific tasks include risk assessment, process modelling, predictive projects analytics, business continuity enhancement, delegation of authorities management, and operational controls testing and monitoring
  • Operational Integrity - We help organizations validate that the information systems, segregation of duties, processes and controls within their business operations are operating as designed.
  • Fraud Risk Management - We support organizations’ efforts to identify specific risks related to fraud, build adequate escalation processes and enhance awareness.