Introducing the Global Pillar Two Legislative Tracker | Your Go-To Tool for Up-to Date developments on Pillar Two by country and jurisdiction

When the first Pillar Two rules start applying from the end of 2023, they will have an unprecedented impact on tax departments. To support businesses in navigating the complexity of the new legislation, we have introduced a proprietary Pillar Two digital tool – Global Pillar Two Legislative Tracker

It is designed to simplify your tax compliance and understanding of the Pillar Two rules. The key features are as follows:

  • Quick Insights: Access easy-to-digest summaries of the most recent Pillar Two tax updates from over 40 countries, spotlighting those introducing new or draft legislation. Stay informed on start dates, payment and filing obligations.
  • Interactive World Map: Obtain instant, country-specific snapshots of the latest Pillar Two tax measures, including IIR, UTPR and QDMTT, and details of the status of legislation.
  • Location Comparison: Provides the ability to compare the key details for up to three jurisdictions simultaneously.
  • Regularly updated information. Trust the accuracy of our information, clearly timestamped to keep you up to date on country-specific developments.
  • Consult local Deloitte practitioners: Connect directly with our Pillar Two specialists for tailored advice on the status of legislation in your jurisdiction and compliance requirements.

Navigate the regulatory requirements and updates on Pillar Two legislation with ease, using our portal as your one-stop guide.

You can also explore our Deloitte’s Pillar Two Tax Advisory services and insights here.

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