Qatar Immigration news : Launch of Mustaqel Residency Visa Programme

Qatar has announced the launch of a new Mustaqel residency visa programme, aimed at attracting top-tier entrepreneurs and highly skilled professionals from various sectors worldwide. The programme, led by the Qatar Manpower Solutions Company (Jusour), will offer a five-year residency permit initially, with an option of renewal subject to meeting the eligibility criteria. While the Mustaqel residency application will be filed online, a specific launch date has not yet been announced.

The Mustaqel programme is divided into two categories: the Entrepreneur Visa and the Talent Visa. The former is designed for business owners, particularly those running small to medium-sized enterprises. To apply, their business models must be endorsed by a recognized business incubator based in Qatar. Successful applicants will receive an endorsement code required to complete the online application.

The Talent Visa targets skilled individuals in the arts, entertainment, sports, and technology sectors. Similar to the Entrepreneur Visa, applicants in the talent category will need an endorsement from a relevant Qatari entity to receive an endorsement code and complete their application.

In addition to a valid passport copy, degree certificate, police clearance certificate, and proof of work experience, applicants will need to pay an administrative cost of QAR 5,000 for the Entrepreneur Visa and QAR 4,000 for the Talent Visa. In case of application rejection, the administrative fee will be refunded.

The Mustaqel programme also provides individuals with the right to own assets, enjoy residency benefits, and apply for family visas for their relatives.

Deloitte’s view

The introduction of the Mustaqel programme marks a significant step for Qatar, reflecting its commitment to attracting global talent and fostering economic growth. This initiative aligns with the Qatar National Vision 2030, which aims to diversify the country's economy beyond the energy sector.

The programme's focus on entrepreneurs and highly skilled professionals indicates a strategic approach to enhancing the national talent pool and driving economic expansion. The endorsement requirement ensures that only those with proven skills or viable business models can apply, thereby maintaining a high standard of incoming talent.

The additional benefits, such as asset ownership and the ability to apply for family visas, make the programme even more attractive.

Overall, the Mustaqel programme represents a promising opportunity for entrepreneurs and skilled professionals worldwide, and it is expected to contribute positively to Qatar's economic development and diversification efforts. We will continue to monitor and provide updates as more information becomes available.

Hadi Allawi 

Mohammed Haque

Syed Mansoor


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