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In this second report of the Tax Transformation Trends survey series, we tapped into the perspectives of 300+ tax and finance leaders with a focus on talent transformation. As companies look past the pandemic, they are asking their tax functions to play a bigger advisory role—with less resources and more responsibilities. In this era of change, leaders will need to think differently to stay ahead of the curve.

Get ready to reimagine your tax function, today.


No matter where you are on your cloud transformation journey, Deloitte can help you discover and accelerate toward what’s truly possible for your people, customers, and business.

Key Challenges faced during cloud adoption in the Middle East:

Despite many organizations adopting a cloud first strategy, the implementation of cloud is not straightforward. Today, organisations’ cloud ecosystems integrate multiple cloud technologies from various vendors, increasing the complexity associated with cloud implementation. When implementing cloud, organisations need to consider the key pitfalls associated with the delivery of single and
multi-cloud technologies.

Regulatory Compliance, Data and Security - Organizations must remain regulatory compliant from both data and security perspectives.

Cloud Integration - Integration has been identified as a major challenge to successfully adopt and deploy cloud.

Transition & Migration - In numerous occasions, applications cannot be simply moved to the cloud, and the transition between on premise to the cloud can be very challenging.

Infrastructure & Connectivity - Network spreads throughout the layers of an organization's infrastructure, from database and storage through the application and management layers. The organization's environment can suffer from latency, poor security and lack of controlled access without a reliable, high available network.

A new paradigm for tax talent

Tax leaders recognize that their teams need entirely new technical skills, with data analytics (45%) and technology transformation (43%) at the top of their wish lists. However, these team members also need to flex their cross-business advisory (39%) and interfacing and education (35%) skills. This means they must upskill and diversify the roles on their teams to meet increasing business advisory demands.

Deloitte has helped several organizations move to AWS Cloud

Our strong relationships with AWS and expertise in cloud has allowed us to transform the IT landscape of various clients of different industries within the Middle East region

Telecom Company, Bahrain - The Bahrain government issued a Cloud First Policy, according to which all government entities who are looking to host their data, applications or services in the centralized cloud environment, in accordance with the overall government direction to use a cloud-first approach to support cost optimization in ICT. The Client is exploring to utilize the AWS cloud to enhance its IT operations. As one of its primary initiatives The Client has requested Deloitte to conduct a lift and shift migration of certain workloads in scope to the AWS cloud.

Deloitte enabled The Client to:

  • Understand the cloud suitability of the virtual machines in scope for migration.
  • Setup a landing zone on AWS suitable for future migrations
  • Migrate 15 Virtual Machines from the development and production environments to the AWS Cloud

Oil & Gas Company, Bahrain - As part of Kingdom's agenda through Cloud-First policy to adopt cloud, the client (as per direction from NOGA) has started several proof-of-concept initiatives to explore utilizing cloud to enhance IT operations. In the current tender, the client has requested Deloitte to provide corresponding consulting and professional services in addressing its current need for building a landing zone in AWS cloud environment.

Deloitte enabled the client to:

  • Setup a landing zone on AWS suitable for future migrations.
  • Develop operational documents for the ITSM processes in scope relevant to AWS Cloud.

Largest Bank in UAE - The client was looking for technical resources to aid on their Migration journey to migrate their Web and Mobile applications from their current on-premises IBM managed Data Center to hybrid cloud setup consisting of AWS Cloud and AWS Outpost in their Data Center. Deloitte managed the successful migration of the applications with a smooth transition to AWS Cloud and AWS Outpost in the client’s Data Center for as well as the disaster recovery setup. Further
captured all the technical debt, assessed current gaps as part of as-is

Deloitte’s AWS Competencies

 As an AWS Partner Network (APN) Premier Consulting Partner, Deloitte provides specialization in a host of AWS-enabled business solutions, each of which can be efficiently integrated to meet clients’ needs when and where they need it most.No matter where you are on your cloud transformation journey, Deloitte can help you discover and accelerate toward what’s truly possible for your people, customers, and business.

  1. Upgrading team members’ advisory capabilities and communications skills, through training and other measures.

  2. Taking organizational steps to bring team members into closer proximity with other parts of the business.

  3. Devising ways of ensuring team cohesion, knowledge sharing and full data accessibility as remote and hybrid working regimes become the norm.

  4. Re-thinking which expertise is core to their business, deciding whether they need niche expertise in-house or whether they are better off buying access to it through external advisers who are specialized in the topic.

Deloitte’s Industry Solutions in partnership with AWS

By combining leading technology with our proven business acumen, we bring you complete, scalable, bespoke solutions like no one else can. Below are some of our industry solutions that help accelerate your business transformation. Please reach out to us to find out more

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