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Deloitte tax@hand

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Deloitte tax@hand is a sleek, customisable mobile application that aggregates information from participating Deloitte member firms from around the globe, across all tax functions to create a distinctly Deloitte tax information experience for business.

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or visit the tax@hand  website:


The app works on all devices, is highly interactive and enables you to select the topics and geographies you are interested in for a more personalised tax information experience.

The benefits of the tax@hand app is:

  • Highly interactive — with news, tax information and perspective articles, and links to Deloitte International Tax Source, containing tax rates for different jurisdictions and more
  • Tailored — select only topics and geographies of interest and choose a preferred language
  • Timely — receive real-time notifications as well as save articles
  • Connected — access professionals with specialised expertise worldwide
  • International — with news and information from multiple countries, with more jurisdictions being added regularly
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