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The Deloitte Perspective

Converging our leading thoughts

Issued bi-annually, The Deloitte Perspective represents Deloitte China's collective insights and knowledge in the Chinese market providing innovative and proactive perspectives to reconsider business challenges enterprises are facing in a changing environment.

2016 (Volume V)

The New journey of "Internet Plus"

(Simplified Chinese version only. English version will be available soon.)

Topics covered:

  • China Economic Impact: Reflections on Reforms
  • "One Belt, One Road" Ushers in a New Age of Internationalization for China's SOEs
  • Transformation Begins for Manufacturing Industry
  • Online Medicine at a Crossroads
  • New Era for China's Film Industry
  • Online Overhaul: Banking in the Digital Age
  • A Billion to One: The crowd gets personal
  • The more things change: Value creation, Value capture, and the Internet of Things

2015 (Volume IV)

New Normal New Finance

(Simplified Chinese version only)

Topics covered:

  • New normal new finance
  • High-tech enterprises regain rapid growth trajectory
  • Service innovation of the equipment manufacturing sector
  • Emerging issues of China’s power industry
  • New age of media
  • The changing choices of transportation preferences
  • Shopping for success – rules in retail
  • Behavioral traps and innovation: What innovators can learn from the failures of investors

July 2014 (Volume III)

Express delivery breaking grounds, stimulated by capital inflow

(Simplified Chinese version only)

In this issue, we explore the latest trends in the agricultural and senior care industries, consumer markets, and the education and manufacturing sectors. Topics covered:

  • Next billion middle-class
  • From "World Factory" to "Smart Manufacturing", how far is it?
  • Breaking through senior living dilemma
  • Surging of reformation – Formulating the full integrated value chain for modern farming
  • Development on diversification and innovation of China's education industry
  • Express delivery breaking grounds, stimulated by capital inflow
  • Innovation: A chimera no more
  • From risk to resilience: Reduce supply chain vulnerability

January 2014 (Volume II)

Financial innovation

The challenge to business, regulators, and the marketplace

Volume II focuses on innovations in the financial sector. With close scrutiny, it digs into the challenges and opportunities to business, regulators and the market in the financial industry. With advances in digital technology, the dynamics of globalization, massive aggregations of data and shifts in consumer buying habits and activities, a mix of innovative financial products and services has emerged and developed rapidly. This trend will continue to reshape the sector and usher in business model innovations in a broader scope. Besides, this edition also covers topics in several industries including real estate, entertainment and various professional services such as business management. Highlight of topics:

July 2013 (Volume I)

Big data 2.0

(Simplified Chinese version only)

New Business Strategies from Big Data
Our first issue covers topics related to education, health care, consumer business and other hot issues such as risk management, talent management and business operations including: 
  • Global capital markets, diversification is king?
  • Private capital competing for health care service industry in China
  • Safety kits for car dealers
  • Shopping centre planning for change
  • Meet the next generation retail
  • Web-based education seeking breakthrough
  • The rise of safety innovations in intelligent mobility
  • The profit parfait
  • Forging future business leaders
  • Commercial fraud risk management

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